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[-] Suggestions / Re: Alliances
« on: December 06, 2010, 05:16:06 pm »
Donations and alliance bases could be used to overcome current limits on base numbers - for example, I could create an alliance for just myself and funnel all the fees into opening up more bases than I am allowed, as alliance bases. This could potentially be overcome by tying the number of alliance bases to the number of airlines in the alliance (say one extra alliance base per airline in the alliance).

I have to agree with you that they could cheat the system by doing this therefore valid point.

Resale of airlines is a dodgy one. It has been suggested before that inactive airlines be offered to sale to the other airlines. This has been turned down on the basis that, firstly the purchaser may not be able to take on all the inactive airline's bases (as they would end up with too many bases) and secondly, they likely wouldn't want much of the airline anyway (there would be lots of old planes, on routes which need to be edited for a decent LF anyway...)

The point of the resale to the alliance is that the defunct airline is a source of income for the alliance and the current amount that the airline makes can not be exceeded as the alliance can only close routes. The load factor of the airline would not effect the alliance in anyway except for the income it makes

The idea of having alliance planes also has quite a bit of potential for cheating in the fact that one person could set up a series of extra airlines for themselves, then deactivate them, or make large donations from them - and effectively give all their assets to an alliance, for the benefit of their main airline. The current alliance system is limited so as to prevent the potential for multiple account cheating.

I believe that this would breach the terms and conditions of the AM, but I can see where you are coming from as this would be annoying for other players therefore I suggest that a limit is put on the number of planes a company can own from the alliance.

Lonestar Airlines (LSA), a major Airbus fan, has started purchasing aircraft from Airbus' main competitor Boeing. LSA the launch customer of the Airbus A300B1, has just placed an order for 3 Boeing 737s which will arrive in a few months time. CEO Oddward has told us that he feels that the aircraft supplied by Airbus although reasonable quality do not fulfil the needs of the company's European routes and feels that a smaller jet fits this need better than a large widebody aircraft. Our sources at Airbus have suggested that a competitor to the Boeing 737 series is in the pipeline but nothing will be released at least another decade and certainly not until we have released a viable version of the A300.

Game Strategy / Re: Airbus vs. Boeing
« on: December 05, 2010, 07:17:31 pm »
I am an Airbus guy and I voted for the top 2 because the Airbus short haul jets are much cheaper than the ones from boeing and they often offer similar speeds and ranges (not always I am aware) I tend to use Airbus A330-300 LRs on my long haul routes but sometimes i might need to get a 777 or 767 for the longer routes as I don't really want to use 340s as they(in real life) would look out of place with all my twin jets if I had a quad jet so really I only by the Boeing for aesthetics otherwise Airbus FTW

[-] Suggestions / Alliances
« on: December 05, 2010, 06:32:37 pm »
I think it should be possible for alliances to have privileges but not ones that dominate the game but ones that make it more realistic maybe. Here they are, Sorry it is so long.

1) Members of the alliance (including the founder) pay a percentage of their monthly income (unless it would put them in the red) towards a central "pot" as a kind of membership fee. The percentage could be between 1% and 10%, this means that if you earn 50mil a month(about 2 mil a day) you pay between 500,000 and 5,000,000 a month. this money can then be spent by the ALLIANCE. ERRATUM NOTICE: THE FEE WOULD BE BETTER PAID IN BANDS OF DOC I.E 0-5MIL 5-10MIL 10-15MIL 15-20MIL ETC INCREASING BY DIVIDING THE UPPER GROUP LIMIT BY 5 STARTING WITH THE 0-5MILLION DOC EARNERS PAYING NOTHING (AS THEY MIGHT BE PUT IN THE RED) THEN THE 5-10MILLION EARNERS PAYING 2 MILLION THEN 10-15MILLION EARNERS PAYING 3 MILLION THE 15-20 MILLION EARNERS PAYING 4 MILLION ETC

2) Members can donate to the alliance to add to the "pot". This would mean that although small amounts are gained from membership larger sums of money can be given

The money can be spent on things such as Alliance aircraft which can be used by members of the alliance when they are needed for a smaller than the usual rental fee or they could be purchased off the alliance. The money could be spent on constructing an alliance base/bases somewhere in the world which can only be used by alliance members. The money could be used to "bail out" airlines that are in the alliance if they go into the red and if the majority of members agree to non member airlines who will then become a member of the alliance and can't leave until they have paid off the loan( this means that interest will be charged, the amount is requested by the airline and then the alliance decide on the actual interest and it then up to the airline to accept or decline). Another use of the alliance fund could be that it funds extra workers for each of the airlines this could either mean that the airlines don't have a salary cost or mean that aircraft are cleaned quicker (and other benefits) it would be either up to the alliance leader or the individual airlines.

3) It is my understanding that after ,I think, 3 weeks inactive airlines are deleted this could mean that the alliances in a world get to bid in the fourth week after the airline has been "deleted" for ownership of the airline this could manifest it's self in many ways but i think that the most obvious would be the aircraft and terminals as everything else is rented. The aircraft would go to the alliances personal hanger and the terminals could become alliance bases. The alternative is that the alliance takes ownership of the airline and continues to run it but is unable to buy aircraft or expand routes but they can close routes and take the aircraft for their own to do with as they wish.

4) There could be an alliance market which is where the alliance members trade their own aircraft with each other. The advantages of this are that normally you can trust fellow members and know their intentions but in the marketplace it is more risky it could go to you major competitor, you don't have to only trade in cash you can trade aircraft as well. For people that play runescape you may know how this works and for those that don't this will help. So here goes. Company 1 offers an Airbus A320 for sale at brand new price. Company 2 sees this but realises they do not have enough cash to buy it but the also have an A319 that they don't need so they can offer Company 1 the A319 and the remainder of the money to buy the plane. It is then up to Company 1 to accept it or not in this case they probably won't. Company 2 could offer an Airbus A340-500 as payment for the A320 (yes they would be mad) at which point a warning would tell them that it is X times the value of the A320 if they are happy with this they can proceed and again Company 1 can decide. If there are multiple companies involved in the bidding process and they can all see what the others have offered they will try to compete to win the plane they may not be as mad as company 2 in offering an A340 as payment for an A320.

Pleas give me your opinions and I am once again sorry for how long this is.

[=] Suggestions / Re: Cancel orders
« on: November 21, 2010, 07:02:10 pm »
its also useful if you find you are about to go into the red

Suggestions / Re: Website Implementation
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:16:35 pm »
although it would increase usership people would still need an account and therfore need to come here to do so

It does i am doing it atm! it doesn't make as much as other aircraft but it makes more than once

should stay as it makes it both more realistic and can make u more money if u are using small aircraft for example a bombardier CRJ100LR will make more profit operating the route twice or may thrice daily

i first guess in 50s so 50, 100, 150, 200 etc if i find a bracket in which it changes the load factor to below 100 i average. e.g 150 = 100% 200=80% so next i go for 175 the work in 5s and 10s the finally 1s until it tips in my favour, i never bother with .01 as this takes for ever and it can very little difference.

Another tip is that if u put a round hundred in e.g. 100, 200, 300 etc and it gives a LF of between 85% and 100% lower it to the percentage e.g. 200 gives a LF of 93 i lower it to 193 this will either give u 100 or below if it is 100 work up until it gives u the tipping point if it is below work down this generally works but is not perfect

Iarnród Mogal / Re: Welcome to Iarnród Mogal!
« on: August 20, 2010, 07:01:29 pm »
This may sound crazy and if it went ahead it probably wouldn't be up and running for at least 2 years, but you could have Trains, Planes, Ships, Buses/Taxis all working together to make large transport companies.

[-] Suggestions / Re: [=] Re-engining Aircraft
« on: June 05, 2010, 06:27:34 pm »
if it was refurbishable after a certain amount of time it might increse the planes value and the amount you can charge for tickets on that plane

Iarnród Mogal / Re: Train Games (for the interim)
« on: April 18, 2010, 09:27:39 pm »
If anyone is interested a full stand alone version of openttd is avaiable at

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