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General Chat / Re: Order Books
« Last post by metallurgy on Today at 04:56:59 am »
Ok. I am not that good in math, so if there is a bug that involves math-like algebra to figure out if there is a bug, I wouldn't be the one to ask. All I know is one of my worlds I am in has manufacturer lines that give out 10 lines per airline, per month, for infinite time. As long as that is not a bug, I am good with this. Thanks for clearing it up.
General Chat / Re: Order Books
« Last post by dktc on Today at 02:31:35 am »
By default, each production line gets 10 production slots per game month.
Every quarter, aircraft manufacturers evaluate forward orders and production capacity / slot utilization. This could lead to production lines being expanded for a period of time if there is demand. Based on this mechanism, the most I have seen thus far is 150 slots a month.

Regardless of how many production slots a month there is in a production line, the maximum that one single airline could occupy is 30% of the production slots available per month. That means...
10 slots = max 3 per airline
20 slots = max 6 per airline
... and so on.

For worlds with official brokers, brokerage requests count towards the airlines' own slot quota. Private leases count towards brokerage orders.

Hope this helps.
General Chat / Order Books
« Last post by metallurgy on Yesterday at 11:56:31 pm »
Not sure if this goes here or not...

I have joined worlds where order books allowed 3 planes a month, and worlds that allowed 10 planes a month, per manufacturer. Why is that, and how is this parameter possible, and how would I go about getting either parameter in creating a private world?

Thank you for advice or tips.  Happy Flying!!   :)
Suggestions / Re: Banned/removed airlines
« Last post by 1993matias on October 05, 2022, 10:05:11 am »
There used to be an automated script that reset airlines inactive for a month or more. That has been turned off for many years now. So to answer your question: no, there is nothing in place at the moment
Suggestions / Banned/removed airlines
« Last post by metallurgy on October 05, 2022, 07:28:17 am »
Is there a work-up in process for having removed or reset airlines, whether from good or bad issues, for having their routes removed from the respective world? It does not seem fair to the other airlines to have to share revenue with an airline that is no longer in the world. I understand we would need to update our routes if a change like this occurs, however, it would allow the remaining airlines a truer experience. I also do not know how much work it would be to write the code to achieve this. I know this is a simulator, and not so much an economy simulator...however, as I said, it would make the gameplay that much more enjoyable if it could be programmed into the game.

Is this even being discussed for the future, and if not, why not?

Thank you for your time, and I await a response.

Happy flying,

General Chat / Re: Count to 10,000
« Last post by 1993matias on August 20, 2022, 01:36:41 pm »
It's been a while :P 5009
General Chat / Re: Count to 10,000
« Last post by Dmetrey on August 18, 2022, 12:36:17 pm »
Bugs / Re: PW#3577 - problems w/ ordering planes
« Last post by 1993matias on August 17, 2022, 08:27:55 pm »
We will take a look at it. It seems to be an order book issue
Game Data / Re: Demolished airport
« Last post by 1993matias on August 17, 2022, 08:27:34 pm »
Hello Dmetrey,

We will take a look. Usually, when an airport closes, the Airline Mogul passenger numbers are set to 0. Some people might want to fly to the airport still for historical reasons.

If you are able to provide recent passenger statistics for Mahilyow airport, then we can add it. For the moment, it doesn't seem to receive regular passenger traffic, thus it is not within the scope of the game.
Game Data / Demolished airport
« Last post by Dmetrey on August 17, 2022, 10:55:43 am »

wanted to ask if you could remove the Minsk-1 Airport (IATA: MHP, ICAO: UMMM) since it has closed since 2015 and rightnow there are houses there :D

and maybe also add in Mogilev Airport (IATA: MVQ, ICAO: UMOO)

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