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Find the manufacturer and find the aircraft you want to order. It doesn't appear any other places than the manufacturer's page.
The aircraft will appear in the order book at the first available slot after production start
Hello there,

How do we go about pre-ordering aircraft? I haven't figured that one out yet?

Thanks in advance.
General Chat / Re: Large Aircraft
« Last post by Thunderstruck on July 19, 2021, 02:46:46 pm »
What does this aircraft sound like? It must be quite something...
Welcome to public world 3558, first world to introduce these new features!

This world is a bit different from other worlds you might have played in. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the changes to ensure you enjoy this world to the fullest!

Order Books are now in place, slowing down the pace aircraft are delivered - read more about this feature in the game wiki

In essence, aircraft manufacturers have limited production. Base production is limited to ten airframes per month, but full order books will trigger a bigger production line. Similarly, empty order books will result in smaller production lines. To ensure some sort of fairness, any single airline is limited to 33% of the output per month when ordering aircraft. This includes most brokerage purchases.

Improved Lease System - now with early return penalties!

This means leases have a fixed period. Within this period the lease can only be returned with a penalty. Some leases are Lease-to-Own, which means the aircraft will automatically be transferred to the lessee (airline paying the lease) after the end of the lease, without closing any routes.

Pre-orders - aircraft can be pre-ordered a year before production start!

Read more about these new features exclusive to this world by clicking the links above. Most importantly though, be sure to have fun and enjoy this world!
General Chat / Re: how planes are divided in build time?
« Last post by metallurgy on July 07, 2021, 08:46:07 pm »
I plan to send it to Admin, to code it into the game, possibly. Anyway, thanks.   :)
General Chat / Re: how planes are divided in build time?
« Last post by 1993matias on July 07, 2021, 12:18:29 pm »
You are very welcome to compile the data necessary for your airline to thrive, as long as it is not used anywhere else for any other purpose.  :)
General Chat / Re: how planes are divided in build time?
« Last post by metallurgy on July 07, 2021, 02:17:29 am »
So, there is some information I need to know from Admin, to see if this can work. I am using Open Office, spreadsheet, which saves as ODF spreadsheet. It's possible the ODF will open with any program, to view the data, but I am not sure. I am not good with computers, my brother is. I am just willing to put the time in to get what I need done, in hopes to make the game a bit better for the players. Please let me know how you want to converse with me, either in here, or email. I look forward to possibly working with you. Of course, if Admin doesn't wish to have this work done, no harm done. It won't upset me at all.  I am not looking for any kind of compensation. I would be doing this of my own free will and time taken. I simply LOVE this game, and want to see it made better for the players.

Thank you for your time.

Happy flying!!  :)
General Chat / Re: how planes are divided in build time?
« Last post by metallurgy on July 06, 2021, 09:56:41 pm »
Ok.  I know it will take awhile, but would it be ok if I put together a list for your team, listing all the planes that are built within the same times? It won't be a spreadsheet or excel, as I don't deal with either of them. It will just be a typed out list, but 100% readable by your team. Obviously, I would only be able to do the planes that are offered during the game I am in. If that is ok with your team, please let me know, as I am sure there are players that would like the information ahead of time.  Thanks

Happy flying!!  :) 
Bugs / Re: Issue with Advertisement
« Last post by metallurgy on July 06, 2021, 09:52:52 pm »
You're welcome.  :) 
General Chat / Re: how planes are divided in build time?
« Last post by 1993matias on July 06, 2021, 08:49:07 am »
That's a secret :D (other words for "I don't know").

But at some point the requirements for the different categories changed, so there are some discrepancies here and there. There are also aircraft that take 96 days to build, btw :)
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