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[PW #3225] ASIAN TIGER EXPRESS - Press Release Center


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on: December 08, 2016, 04:13:56 pm
Connecting people one route at a time

Welcome to the ASIAN TIGER EXPRESS Press Release Center, here you will be able to keep up with the latest news concerning Asian Tiger Express, South East Asia's Most Preferred Airline

Callsign : 'TORA'
Key People : Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Chairman)
M. Asrul Yacoob (CEO)
Chong Liaw Thien (General Manager)

Bases : WSSS - SIN - Singapore Changi Airport, SINGAPORE
WMKK - KUL - Kuala Lumpur International, MALAYSIA
WIII - CGK - Soekarno Hatta Jakarta, INDONESIA

About : Founded as Soair in May 1981 with only 2x Boeing 737-200 ADV, the company grew quickly overtaking older established airlines taking the throne for South-East Asia's Largest Airline.

The company operates a fleet of Boeing 737-200ADV and Fairchild Hiller FH-227 from its home base in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur serving over 100 destinations along 150 routes and counting.

Alliance : This company is currently not in any alliance

Aircraft Orders : 10 - Boeing 737-200 Advanced High Gross Weight Option
10 - British Aerospace 146-200

Fleet :
Boeing 737-200 Advanced
Number of Aircraft : 15 Operational, 10 In Order
Capacity : 130 passenger
Crew : 5
Cruising Speed : 495mph / Mach 0.73 / 432kts
Length : 100' 2"
Wingspan : 93'
MTOW : 128,100lb
Engines : Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15
Range : 2369mi / 2059nm / 3811km
Fairchild Hiller FH-227B
Number of Aircraft : 70 Operational
Capacity : 56 passenger
Crew : 5
Cruising Speed : 255mph / Mach 0.36 / 222kts
Length : 83' 8"
Wingspan : 95' 2"
MTOW : 43,500lb
Engines : Rolls Royce Dart Mk5327Ls
Range : 2678mi / 2327nm / 4309km
British Aerospace BAe 146-200
Number of Aircraft : 10 In Order
Capacity : 112 passenger
Crew : 5
Cruising Speed : 2498mph / Mach 0.73 / 432kts
Length : 92'
Wingspan : 86'
MTOW : 93,000lb
Engines : Lycoming/Honeywell ALF 502R-5
Range : 1805mi / 1568nm / 2904km
Routes :
From Singapore :

From Kuala Lumpur :

From Jakarta :

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Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 05:14:39 pm

Selamat Pulang! Asian Tiger Express returns home!

20th May 1982

Kuala Lumpur - After just a year of operations out of Singapore Changi Airport, we're proud to announce that the flying tigers are finally returning home to Malaysia as flights out of Asian Tiger Express's latest base; Kuala Lumpur International Airport starts today. This is a major milestone and a proud moment for our CEO; Mr. Yacoob who is born and raised in this country. It is also a very important day as our airline mascot, The Malayan Tiger can finally show off its majestic stripes back home.
"This is only the beginning" said Mr. Yacoob in an interview, "Currently we have 63 flights coming out of Kuala Lumpur daily and we expect that number of flights to double by the end of the year". This is backed by the airline's latest order of 12 FH-227B from American manufacturer; Fairchild Hiller."We expect that
number of flights to double"
Asian Tiger Express Chairman; Matsumoto-san and the General Manager; Chong was nowhere to be found during the launch event. None of the airline's employee was willing to discuss his whereabouts but we were hinted by the CEO that the Chairman and GM is currently away on an important business trip. At the moment we can only speculate as to what they will bring to the airline next.
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Reply #2 on: December 12, 2016, 07:01:41 pm

Asian Tiger Express Calls Indonesia Home!

1st October 1982

JAKARTA - Following their successful Malaysian launch in May; Asian Tiger Express or more commonly known as just Asian Tiger has started operations from their latest base; Soekaro-Hatta Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia.
"We're all very excited" said Mr. Yacoob in an interview, "Asian Tiger has always had a major presence in Indonesia, even before setting up here we already have 148 flights in and out of Indonesia daily" he added, "currently we have an additional 73 routes out of Jakarta which translates to about another 146 departures and landing". "Expect more flights in the near future, Jakarta is a very versatile location and it could be the gateway for our into Australia".

All the keypersons of the airline was present at the event.

At the launch the airline also celebrated the arrival of its 80th aircraft 9V-ADB, a Fairchild Hiller FH-227B. The aircraft will also be the main airplane operating the Airline's first ever route into Australasia, on its Jakarta - Christmas Island flight.
"Expect more flights in the future"
In a speech given by the General Manager; Mr.Chong, stated that the airline was proud to have not only its 80th aircraft but also reached a very impressive number of 4,000 staffs.

"We're very proud of the Tigers" said Mr.Chong referring the employees. "Today we will be adding another mascot to our airline, The Sumatran Tiger".

We tried approaching the GM for an interview however all the keyperson had to leave for an important meeting. We can only speculate as to what would they bring the airline to next.
"Today we will be adding another mascot to our airline, The Sumatran Tiger"
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Reply #3 on: December 15, 2016, 10:32:53 pm
Asian Tiger Express Announced As Launch Customer For BAe 146-200

1 January 1983

SINGAPORE - Asian Tiger Express welcome's the new year with a great news, after having announced that the South East Asian airline has signed a deal with British Aerospace becoming the launch customer for the manufacturer's all new regional jetliner, the BAe 140.

"A big factor for the choice is the aircraft's relatively short Take Off and Landing Performance enabling us to use the aircraft in more remote airports currently served by the airline" said Mr.Yacoob. The airline's BAe aircraft even comes equipped with gravel kits allowing it service airports with unpaved runways. It is expected that the new planes will go in service with Asian Tiger in the coming three months, operating from a new based yet to be disclosed by the airline officials.

"You can expect the planes to fly from a new base" said Mr.Yacoob, "Our plan is to esteblish new routes with the new planes before replacing the older ones with the Jets".

The BAe is expected to replace the whole FH227 fleet within the next 2 years.


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