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on: October 31, 2014, 08:35:02 pm
PW #2880

Rocketlines born from a idea to make a low-cost-world-company, a cheep flights for all continents.

The company start the operations in PTY - Tocumen International - Panama with the ideia to make this airport a central hub for all america continents (south, north, central).
Rockelines first base outside central america is open is LAS - Las Vegas, we start make a profit there.
The preferencial aircraft in begginer is fokkers aircrafts, with more 10 fokker 50.

When the company grow up, they close the gate in LAS and open bases in all mexico, Benito Juarez, Cancun, Dong Miguel and General Mariano.
And open one base in PEK - Beijing.
Why PEK - Beijing? The company choise this place for still with your plans to make a low-cost-world-company, so, now they can make flights to central america, north america, south america, Asia and Oceany. And one for Europe.

The Rocketline expand buying Boeing aicrafts, like yhe 737-200, now they prefer use the Boeing 747-400 for less-profit routers and Boeing 767-300/200 for more profit routers.


Aircraft Paint

Your focus still have 100% of Loadfactor does matters what and have the cheeps flights.

Last news: Rocket retire all fokker 50 and Boeing 737-100/300 aircrafts change they for Boeing 737-200/400.


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