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A new leasing system

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on: May 20, 2011, 11:16:54 pm
How about a new leasing system?

As it is now, airlines will have to manually lease out their planes. They rarely do so, and usually at unattractive rates for short periods due to the fear of maintenance costs. And they rarely make any money doing so.

But what if the game (lets call it system) leases out the planes instead?

The system would own a selection of planes, always offering up a few on the market, assuring that you can always lease a plane.

You can then lease the plane from the system.

You can negotiate the length of the lease with the system (simple formula, for each extra year, the lease pr. month drops by 1%).

Another possibility would be the option of leasing the plane directly from the manufacturer. You basically negotiate a lease on a 737-800 from Boeing, and it gets delivered. You have to pay extra for newer planes though.

  • Better possibilities for smaller/newly started airlines to compete
  • More planes on the leasing market
  • Ability to operate planes for MANY years without dealing with mx costs (Would be offset by having the lease costs instead, but they are constant each year)
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Reply #1 on: May 20, 2011, 11:57:48 pm
When AM was first launched I chose to do a human based system rather than a computer based one. Someone that you can actually send a message to and have a conversation with, a bit more personal and a bit more interesting. Official brokers exist to serve this purpose and normally operate in public worlds.

Instead of spending time trying to automate brokers for leasing, we could try to finally finish that maintenance cost change and perhaps add in the two lease types currently missing. Perhaps though, an automated system could be made available in private worlds where the function of a human broker is less effective in smaller worlds.
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