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on: March 22, 2011, 02:39:56 am
Anthony and I are looking for dedicated players who want to be in difficult money management situations, where the competition is breathing down your necks and making a profit is a small light at the end of the tunnel. Despite Airline Mogul's flaws, it can be used as a tool in practicing basic management skills and maintaining a company in which you are making executive decisions. Also, its pure fun! I extend a hand to our Airline Mogul veterans and moderators, looking to get in a ultra-competitive world with some of the most dedicated newer players in the game. Also, to the 'noobs' or Airline Mogul beginners, this will be a long yet faced-paced world yet by the end of the game, you will be proficient players, making executive decisions and cutting game changing deals with other airlines to your advantage. From our players previously from PW 1757, you saw how tight regional competition can put a stranglehold on your dreams of servicing the long and far routes that make your map look pretty. That's just how the game works!
You don't really make profits with 777+ sized aircraft, or make back the cost of the plane before it is in need of being replaced. This world will be a breeding ground of tactics and approaches at playing the game. This will be, I repeat, a game for dedicated players only. So if you are ready to head out on the battlefield on May 1st, please, contact Anthony at or me, Trevor at
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