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Game Strategy / Re: Gate rent
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:22:35 pm »
 I think you have to recover from the debts first....

No, I want the multi frequency to stay!!!. It is more realistic, and further more, if there are so much competition on a route and most are flying 1 frequency, I change the frequency to 2 and I make some profit. I also go with (MOST OF THE TIME) 2 frequencies on very good and good routes, cause they give more money. Sometimes, i change frequencies just to finish my airplanes time because Jet Canada Express, my airline in Private World#1170, is a VERY BIGGG AIRLINE with about a hundred planes inactive. I also play on Private World # 1577 with the same airline name.

Game Strategy / Re: (Moved) Aircraft On Routes
« on: August 08, 2010, 09:34:07 pm »
Then, which one would give higher profit?  :o ??? :roll:

Bugs / Re: Route number error
« on: August 05, 2010, 10:15:46 pm »
I think that's the alliance routes... ;)  It happens to me with the alliance routes, but from my hubs, they work fine.

Hope this helps...

Game Strategy / Re: Airbus vs. Boeing
« on: August 04, 2010, 08:10:52 pm »
I choose airbus and boeing because both of them are good money makers. Depending on the route i am flying, sometimes airbus is good and sometimes boeing is good. I usually prefer boieng because there planes are cheaper than airbus and most of them five higher profits than airbus. I choose these two companies for meduim to lonng haul routes (I consider 737s at medium haul). I get those boeings mostly for my routes (long haul and meduim) while airbus only goes for Airbus. I only keep airbus in my fleet because 1) One of the biggest airplane manufacturers in the world 2) Some (like a330s and a340s) give good profit on routes and 3rd and most important of all (that i consider) is that they increase airline value because the plane is more expensive, even though the biggest jets there don't even give money. Ok, take this: I have 2 777-300er and 2 airbus a380s. The airbus a380s increased my airline value by 1,30000,000 (one billion and three hundred million), making me hit 3rd place in the world. The 777 only did that by only 700,000,000 (seven hundred million). But now... i set up the routes. the 777 is giving me some money (around 100,000 +) and the a380 is giving me NEGATIVE 150,000 MAXIMUM. I left the a380 in my fleet, but i didn't start routes with it. That's why i usually prefer Boeing more than airbus for profit  :lol: and airbus more than boeing for airline value  :lol:

Now, don't forget the regional routes. I prefer bombardier and dehavilland canada for that. The q400s give me maximum of 111,000 and the crj gives a max of 150,00.  ;)   

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