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Airline Reports / TARDIS Travelways (799)
« on: July 31, 2009, 01:22:20 am »
TARDIS Travelways Up and Flying

A new airline took to the skies in early 1998 and looks to expand its presence across Europe. TARDIS Travelways was founded by ten doctors from England who saw the opportunity to take advantage of the booming global economy, increased desire to fly by business and holiday travelers, and the desire to create a quality airline. "TARDIS began with an idea in 1963 that was never fully realized until this year," commented Jon Pertwee, one of the founders of the airline. "It used to be that you would hop on a plane, take off, and not know where you would land. Sometimes you thought you were on the other side of the cosmos. But with TARDIS, we hope to make flying a more reliable and enjoyable experience."

An official unveiling of the TARDIS livery is still in the works. "It will be at Heathrow for sure. We hope the BBC will be there to cover it," mused Dr Pertwee. Heathrow serves as the initial hub for TARDIS, but expansion plans are in the works. The airline has rented office space in London, and is excited about using the Internet to offer bookings and bargains to its travelers. "We hope that an online presence will encourage people to take a look at our airline and eventually book with us."

Whether or not TARDIS is successful remains to be seen, but word on the street is spreading. "Once I heard a new airline was opening I thought I would give it a try. I like to think I have a sense of adventure," said Sarah Jane Smith, journalist and leisure traveler from South Croydon. "If they allow canines in the passenger cabin, that would be a plus." There has been no word yet from TARDIS offices as to the presence of dogs sitting in first class and getting a free snack.

General Chat / Assign Aircraft to Fleet
« on: June 19, 2009, 12:28:55 am »
I've been reading about some of the proposed changes, and some of the topics deal with assigning aircraft to fleets.

So I'm wondering, how do many of you use the fleet function as it exists now? I've been assigning planes to fleets based on the cities where they are based. Thought also about doing it based on plane capacity or distance of routes flown. Fleets are just a way to help manage things, no?

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