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Airline Reports / Re: [PW #2691] Magnum Airlines
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:00:58 am »
So far, Magnum's plans to establish a sturdy hub at Minneapolis has been successful. Magnum, though, has pulled out of New York LaGuardia Airport after a fellow airline in Star Alliance renounced membership, thus leaving LaGuardia outside of Star Alliance territory. Magnum currently has no plans to reestablish an official hub at LaGuardia soon, but will consider doing something in the future. Also, due to considerable competition, Magnum has decided to abandon its plans to establish a hub at Las Vegas/McCarran, and is currently deciding on where a future Western United States hub will be located. Magnum, though, has decided to build a future hub at Houston-George Bush as a gateway to the Southern half of the United States. Currently, Magnum has expanded to 99 destinations, and will celebrate the 100th destination milestone very soon upon the arrival of our newest aircraft. Here's a current look at the route map.

Magnum's fleet has expanded to 20 aircraft, including ones on order. Unfortunately, Magnum was not able to purchase the amount of planned used 757-200s from a bankrupting airline as another airline took ownership of them before we were able to. Instead, we decided to buy 4 McDonnell Douglas MD-82s from the same seller of the 757s and utilized them on our routes out of Minneapolis. Magnum currently is planning to buy some Airbus A319's as well as A320's mainly for service out of Houston. Eventually, Magnum also plans to start phasing out the Douglas DC-9-50s for newer, more advanced aircraft. Magnum also plans to start ordering more medium-long range aircraft, mainly the 757-200 at the moment. Here is the current fleet.

Airbus A319-100: 2 (2 on order)
Airbus A320-200: (1 on order)
ATR 42-320: 2
ATR 42-400: 2
ATR 72-210: 2
Boeing 757-200: 1 (1 on order)
Douglas DC-9-50: 3
McDonnell Douglas MD-82: 4

Airline Reports / [PW #2691] Magnum Airlines
« on: May 03, 2014, 04:54:49 am »
(Oh man, it's been a very long time since I was here, but now I've had a sparked interested in AM again so why not, I liked doing these little reports, so I'll do one again, although maybe not as professional as my old ones IMO).

Magnum Airlines is currently a growing airline based out of Charlotte/Douglas International with nonstop service to 45 destinations so far. New York LaGuardia is an alliance hub used primarily by turboprops to connect to smaller airports in the Mid-Atlantic/New England area. Here is the current route map.

Currently, Magnum has plans to establish a hub at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to start operations further east as well as expand into Canadian territory, and is considering a hub at Las Vegas/McCarran in the future as well. Magnum also soon plans to start international service soon with the addition of 757s into the fleet.

Another airline that is going to bankruptcy is selling much of their fleet at rather low prices, including several Boeing 757-200s and a Boeing 767-200. Magnum has bought one 757-200 already and plans to buy 2-3 more 757s and possibly the 767 once the money has presented itself (which I am sure won't take too long with the amount of money being made, unless another airline steals the opportunity). Magnum also has ordered an Airbus A319 for routes to more smaller cities across the East Coast, and plans to purchase more A319s in the future. Here is the current fleet.

ATR 42-400 (2)
ATR 72-210 (1)
Boeing 757-200 (1)
Douglas DC-9-50 (3)

Will probably update more soon.

[kevinaj] ok, I will send it to you on PM. I don't give out passwords here.

Don't get mad, but it turns out I added a space at the end, so it read it as a different password. Sorry

For anyone who wants to now when this world opens, I'm thining about opening it next Sunday, so anybody short on tokens can enter with enough

I can't seem to enter the world, even when I copy & paste the password.

Hmm. I haven't gotten a lot of takers. Then again, there's been a lot of new worlds lately.

I'll join as West Airlines. My choice for bases would be Phoenix, San Francisco, Denver, or Los Angeles.

Thank you so much. Those bases are what I generally thought would be for West Airlines. I even made a logo for West Airlines.

Now just 2 more airlines. Remember, here are the remaining names.
South Airlines
North Airlines

@gopats - The European airline out of Frankfurt sounds good to me. I'm gonna stay mostly inside the US this time, with only a few international flights to the other continents.

Also, I'd REALLY like 3 airlines to happily accept the other names I listed at the top. If people do chose those names, I'll send a PM telling what the areas of operation would normally be. It's basically like a legacy plan, but all the airlines will be major ones.

Since I just joined ba4's upcoming world, I wanted to create an alliance consisting of 4 airlines. The names would be;
East Airlines
South Airlines
North Airlines
West Airlines

I've joined as East Airlines, but I'd like if 3 other airlines join using the other names. I made this thread to see who would like to join as either South, West, or North Airlines. I want experienced players in order to keep this alliance running well, so only ask to join if you feel you have what it takes to run a major airline in a soon major alliance. Also, please notify me if I posted this in the wrong forum. I'll soon show a map to give an idea where most of your flights would be.

I'll join as East Airlines, based out of Charlotte/Douglas International.

What in the world? When I tried it myself, it said around 40,000 tokens. Guess I messed up something :P

With 2 recent big worlds (Realistic World v2 & AiRevoLegacy) at the center of attention, I decided plan a new world once I buy the tokens. It will probably start on the Friday after May 1st. Here's the supposed info of this world.

Game Length: 7 years (2003 - 2010)
Starting Cash: 3,500,000
Maximum Bases: 10
Maximum Foreign Bases: 4
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900 (5 to start with)
Maximum Players: 50
Starting Gate Quantity: 3

If you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to oblige. Also, to avoid an overload of players, I'm going to create a password (No duh). Here's the required form to reserve for this world.

Player Name:
Airline Name:
Base of Operations:

Not much else. Just a good ol' private world that is soon to come.
____________________________________________ _____________
Here's who I have so far.

East West Airlines - East West Airlines - Atlanta
ba4 - neoLife - Manchester
orlando702 - JET America/JET & Express
gopats - Global United Air/Global United Express

You also know making a world like that would cost around 40,000 tokens?

The Airbus A380 was never in service in 2005. Try another large yet effecient airplane.

kevinaj can you make this?
Your Airline Name/Slogan (If You Have One) - Swiss Jet (Switzerland's Favorite Airline)
Your Airline Logo -
Country Your Airline Is Registered In - Switzerland
Colors - Red and White/Silver
Extra Information - Spirit of Bern
Aircraft - A330-200

Here it is. I used an A330-300X by the way. There was this wierd shading on the 200 model that messed up the tail lines.

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