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Airline Branding Center / requirement of logo for my airline
« on: May 07, 2013, 10:13:10 pm »
i would like you to create a logo for my airline
Airline Name- Varun Airlines
Country registered in -UK
Colour- Pink,blue and white
Extra information- if possible it should represent both India and UK

Suggestions / A few suggestions
« on: May 07, 2013, 10:09:11 pm »
i would like to give the suggestion that the game can be modified so as to introduce cargo services by airline or better still the passenger aircraft's which have some cargo space in them can simultaneously carry cargo to their destination to which they are flying.
another suggestion i would like to give is that the relation between 2 countries should also be taken into consideration before deciding the load factor on international routes.
the third suggestion i would like to give is that airline can sell some percentage of their ownership to other airline, for example an airline X which has just opened and needs money can offer to sell 5% of its stake to another airline Y at rates mutually decided between themselves. the minimum  price for the stake in consideration for sale and the maximum amount or stake allowed to be sold can be decided by AM or the airline X can issue its shares in a stock market ( which of course is created and supervised by AM staff).in this way an airline can expand much faster and the game will also become much more interesting. the increase and decrease in the values of shares can be decided by the action taken by the airlines owner for example and an order for huge number of aircraft's can increase the value of its shares while a increase in maintenance costs or the the gates costs which does not cause the DOC to increase proportionately  can lead to plunging of the airlines shares. also the promoter will have to seek permission from an regulatory authority managed by AM staffs which would oversee the percentage of the airline stake which can be made available for sale and other such needs.
if any of these ideas seems interesting to you and if some further clarification of these ideas are required then you can ask me and we could chalk out the ways to implement these ideas

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