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Flight from OMDB to KSFO! Over 8000 NM!


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on: May 27, 2011, 03:08:27 am
OK, here are the screenshots. Spent the last 6 hours uploading 600 MB ^-^

Don't forget to let it become fresh!  :P

This is a flight from Dubai Int'l to San Fransisco. Thats nearly 8 500 NM! Oh yes, I was almost dry of fuel :(

Let's start by checking out traffic 8)

First see, first serve, a Qatar Airlines jet:

Right beside it is a Etihad A340:

Egypt Air:


Right beside the A340 I am flying, is an Ariana Afghan Airlines a/c:

The A340!:

Hmm.... Can anyone guess which A340 I am piloting?:

For those of you who that it was the first one, you were wrong. Here I am:

Getting down to business; ATC windows is open:

For those of you who want a sneak peek in the cockpit:

Flaps = down two notches!:


I will have to stop soon!


Requesting clearance from the tower:

Taxiing on to the runway:

On the runway:


Traffic just after takeoff:

Singapore Airlines Cargo:

Forget the airline!:

Switched over to the Thomas Ruth A340 because the CLS's autopilot doesn't work :(

Turning. Note the traffic:

Traffic is getting closer:

See the moon?

Climbing to cruising altitude:

Contrails appear!:

Traffic while cruising ( :P )

Is this the Qatar jet I saw back while I was on the ground? ???

Don't mess up Qatar for Qatar Airways! :P

King Fisher! Fish Fish! :lol:

Note the contrails of another plane:

ATC tells me to go traffic spotting:

Back to traffic!:

The first 727 I ever saw in my life! :P :lol:  :-[ 

Lufthansa Cargo:

Is it followed by a Lufthansa 747?

Another 727:

Traffic is scary! I can see the shape of another jetliner when tracking down the Learjet :(


Virgin Atlantic's logo is my favourite  :-*

Still following it while ATC babbles about turning and everything:

Lots of clouds!

I installed REX 2.0 after that, so the 3D clouds are yet to come!

Lovely REX clouds! Notice any difference?

It sure is an FPS hit!


I think I am close to space. The clouds are soo close!

See the engines?

A little too much clouds underneath this:

These two planes were in a head on collision course; I saved it, and the other jet was gone :(

Watching some traffic; in midair, taking off, etc. Remember that Southwest Jet?

Time to descend!

A few thousand feet AGL:

Flaps are being extended:

Still descending...

A lot of buildings!


Touch down!

ATC tells me to taxi off:

Taxiing: Note the 747s


Whew! This was a very long post :P

(P.S. it is the same post from the Random thread one)
Sincerely, Mastafa


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