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on: August 07, 2008, 05:38:42 pm
Please familiarise yourself with the below rules, which may be changed at any time.

  • No bad language, I will edit posts and insert any random word I like. ;)
  • Signature size is not to be greater than 125px in height, 600px in width (totals) for images and no more than 2 lines of text.
  • Animated and Static signatures must be less than 0.2MB in size.
  • The Airline Mogul logo is not permitted to be used by any user as a forum signature. Copyright permission should also be sought before using the logo in any other context.
  • Abusive messages here or ingame will result in a ban in both areas.
  • No public accusation of your fellow players. Please email :staff: if you feel someone has violated a game rule.
  • No suggestion of criteria for the next world or that we should start a new world is allowed
  • The posting of the Staff E-Mail address should be done by typing the following:
Code: [Select]
  • This will result in :staff: being displayed.
  • Don't forget to post the relevant world in your post if applicable.
  • Sources/copyright information must be provided for any media posted that is not the authors own work
  • This includes real world airline and alliance, names, logo's and slogans.
  • There should be no discussion about other Airline Games on these forums. This is solely due to the sensitive nature of discussing competitors.

Note: If you need something resized and you do not know ask in General Chat.
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