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figuring out passenger loads


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on: April 21, 2022, 01:30:01 pm
Per the airport's passengers, are they per day, or per year? Chicago Ohare, I can't believe 71 million people go through each day, so that has to be yearly, right? Is that count ONLY for the outgoing passengers, or the return trip as well? So, how do we figure what plane(s) to best use? Could I figure, for example, a 10 seater plane to/from would do 20 people. Multiply that flight by 24 days, multiply that by 365 days. Gets you = 175,200. Is that right? A 10 seater plane could theoretically service a 175,000 airport? If that is so, then a 100 seater airplane would have seats left open, as it would service 1,752,000 passengers per year? Please be detailed in your answers/responses, and show any math you may use. I really would like a educated answer, instead of guessing.  Thank you.


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Reply #1 on: April 22, 2022, 10:03:11 am
The passenger numbers quoted are total yearly passenger numbers. Departures and arrivals, sometimes also transfers. It depends on the source.
They are used in the demand formula to figure out what price a passenger is willing to pay to fly a given route. That doesn't mean an airport with 25000 passengers is not able to support a 10-seater daily, it just means a lower price than a 25,000,000 pax airport.

The formula itself is top secret, even I don't know it :)


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