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RossAir Global Introduces A320 Services to 7 European Destinations (PW2806)


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As from early January 1995, RossAir Global has been operating its newly-delivered A320, G-AAAS to 7 exciting European destinations from its Heathrow Base. These destinations include Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid and Frankfurt.

When asked about the A320's introduction, Tyron Ross, the Group CEO for RossAir Global, had the following to say:

"Although G-AAAS is the only A320 currently in the fleet, there are a further 5 aircraft on order, which will complement the airline's already sizeable ATR72 fleet, as well as the lone MD-87 which will be phased out with the new A320's entering service in the coming weeks. As far as economy, comfort and reliability are concerned, we have found a wonderful aircraft in the form of the A320, as well as a great manufacturer in the form of Airbus. We believe that it is just the beginning of a wonderful with product and manufacturer alike."

The A320's introduction into service follows hot in the heels of the company's opening of a brand new, Paris - Charles De Gaulle base, already serving a host of European destinations.

Ross, who has been at the helm of the company since its inception in 1994, was upbeat about the carrier's plans to break into foreign markets, but was unwilling to divulge any info with regards to where and when these plans would reach fruition.

One thing that can be said about RossAir Global, though, is that there's very little standing in their way of becoming Europe's number one airline, with sights firmly set on becoming a global brand.
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