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on: April 26, 2013, 11:31:05 pm
I am an avid fan of the game but i notice three things that differ from reality one i think may have been mentioned before the others i don't think it has.

The first, is that at the moment i can order around 150 planes and then receive them all in 48 game days this would mean that the manufacturer was making just over three planes per day, this is an extreme rate of construction, therefore staggered deliveries from day 48 would better replicate how planes were made, even if it was one plane every 2 days or something until the order was fulfilled.

The Second is that when a there is a highly competitive world with many airlines all making large amounts of money, 2 airlines could in theory order 250 boeing 737s each, a total of 500 assuming only these 2 operators order these planes would arrive in 48 days as stated under point 1, however in 2012 boeing produced only 415 in the whole year, this would leave a further 85 planes to be constructed in 2013. When the 2 airlines order they expect to receive the first plane as soon as possible. Therefore i suggest that an order queue is created along with the staggered delivery so that airlines need to wait until the order they placed is looked at and is started. This isn't to say that the second airline from the example has to wait until all 250 planes have been built but that a mesh is made where it alternates between airlines so that the average waiting time is low.

The third and final point is that currently the release date of an aircraft is when it went into full scale production, however, the manufacturers spend years developing aircraft and the airlines know about it and will order the aircraft from the manufacturers before the plane has flown. I therefore suggest that a variable scale is applied to aircraft of X years before the current order date, in which time airlines can order but not receive planes. I envision it being based on the size of the aircraft just like the build time is.


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