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The Legacy Of OrangeAir - The Dutch Airline of AM


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on: February 16, 2012, 05:20:59 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, online airline managers of Airline Mogul,

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. We're hoping that you read it because OrangeAir means something to you. Maybe you have been competing with us in one of the many AM games we played, maybe you have only heard of International Aircraft Financing as one of the premium brokers of AM, maybe you haven't heard anything about the OrangeAir legacy before. Either way, it is time to say goodbye.

OrangeAir has been around since the 25th of December 2006. (Apparently, someone found it necessary to start a new online airline on the 1st day of Christmas...) Since then, a lot has changed. In fact, almost everything about OrangeAir has changed at some point, except for its name. And the biggest change is yet to come. Part of playing an online game is that your interest in it comes and goes, meaning your airline thrives and sinks. Especially with airlines as old as OrangeAir, every logo, every livery, every single game of AM tells a story. Some stories are good, some are bad. Some memories you want to stay, some you want to go. Sometimes you want your airline to stop existing, sometimes you want to revive it, dust it off and continue as before. Sometimes you find that such a revival is possible, sometimes you find it isn't. OrangeAir has been lying around without function, gathering dust for quite some time, and it is time to stop that from happening.

We hereby announce the immediate end of OrangeAir, and the start of HVM - the Hollandse Vliegtuig Maatschappij (Dutch Aircraft Company). With the end of OrangeAir (and IAF, but more on that later) comes the start of a new, equally Dutch but completely different company. We are still building the brand to make it as great as OrangeAir used to be, so more information on HVM will follow later. The most important thing now, at least in our humble opinion, is to sit back and enjoy the good memories OrangeAir has brought you.

To honor the past and celebrate the future, we have created a special OrangeAir History Tour, 5 Years of Orange. This special history tour will guide you through the different looks and feels OrangeAir has had since its beginning on a cold Christmas Day in 2006, up to its final moment in February of 2012. Click the link below to start the tour.

Thanks for reading this uncommon Airline Report, and thanks for having been part of the OrangeAir experience.

 - MrOrange


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