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on: July 11, 2011, 11:33:53 am

October 1th, 1992 - Public World 2006

The Liaoning province...

Explore the opportunities of the province
Located in Northeast China, The Liaoning province has a lot to offer. Combine the beaches of Dalian with a visit to the metropolis of Shenyang. Or why not take a look at North Korea when you are in Dandong? Located right on the border to the DPRK, Dandong is the ideal place to visit if you want to experience North Korea!

While Liaoning is a great place, visiting Liaoning usually mean spending many hours a crowded train, or taking a cramped an expensive flight if it wasn't for Liaoning Aviation. Operating a next-generation aircraft, the Beech 1900D, passenger can enjoy the comfortable seat and the spacious cabin while getting served everything you need from the friendly flight attendants of Liaoning Aviation.

Despite being a new airline, Liaoning Aviation has growed fast, serving 12 destinations from the base in Shenyang airport. Those destiantions include:

Dalian - Being a modern clean city with a mix of the tradiational Chinese atmosphere and friendliness and Western architecture, Dalian has everything one can need. The city has a lot of beaches, and it has been awarded the title: China's most suitable city to live in.

Beijing - With sights like The Great wall of China, the Forbidden City and The Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing is a bubbling metropolis.

Harbin - Called the capital of the North, Harbin is the northernmost city in China that has a population over two million. Don't forget to admire the beautiful Russian architecture while visiting this lovely city!

Yantai - This city is an important harbour city, guarding the entrance of the Bohai Sea. Liaoning connects Yantai to Shenyang with a daily service.

Pyongyang - The capital of the mysterious and adventurous country of North Korea.

Liaoning Aviation is an airline with impeccable safety record. Our aircraft, the Beech 1900D is manufactured by a western company. It's modern, and a welcome change from older Chinese aircraft that some of our competitors use.

Welcome onboard! All the cabin crew of Liaoning Aviation speaks perfect English and Mandarin, and some of our cabin crew speaks Russian, meaning that you easily can communicate with them!


1 Beech 1900D -  Seats 19
1 Schafer Comanchero 500B (on order) - Seats 10

Route Map:

Liaoning Aviation - We'll show you how to fly!
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Reply #1 on: July 12, 2011, 11:15:36 am

October 24th, 1992 - Public World 2006

South Korea...

Liaoning Aviation has recently bought and received new aircraft. An order for a "Beech 1900" has been made, and the "Piper Schafer Comanchero" on order has been received.

Some routes has been Transferred to the Piper, and new routes has been opened:

Seoul - The capital of South Korea - A fascinating country, filled with business opportunities.

Beijing Nanyuan - People living or going to South Beijing can now enjoy a new non-stop link to Shenyang, exclusively flown by Liaoning Aviation.

For more routes, see

The Beech 1900 on order will give us the oppurtunity to open more new routes, so stay tuned! But first, Here is our current routes:
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Reply #2 on: July 14, 2011, 01:41:07 pm

January, 1st, 1993 - Public World 2006

Liaoning Aviation is excited to reveal it's newest addition to it's fleet - A 72 seat propeller plane - The BAe ATP!
The ATP is a modern, efficient, quiet and comfortable aircraft. It will fly high-denstity routes including Beijing, Dalian and Seoul. In the end of June, Liaoning Aviation hopes to have a fleet of atleast three ATPs, allowing us to replace the Beeches, but still grow and add new routes.

The Beech 1900 on order has been delivered as an interim solution, until there are funds to buy the rest of the ATPs. With this aircraft some new routes has been opened

Jinan - Often called the City of Springs, this city is a perfect place for a weekend getaway. Also being the capital of the Shandong, Jinan offers a lot of opportunities for the businessman.

Vladivostok - After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has become a state of change. By travelling to Vladivostok, one can experience a true Russian culture, and also experience how it was to live in the Soviet Union.

Gwangju - A beautiful Korean city

For more routes, see

Liaoning Aviation would like to thank all our employees and our shareholders for believing in us. Without your help, Liaoning Aviation had never been able to be such a fast growing airline.
We would also like to thank all the passengers who have traveled with us. To earn your confidence, and to make us your favorite airline, Liaoning Aviation has launched a frequent flier program, called "FlyingConvenient" (FC) - FC has two tiers, with different benefits - The FC cards are hand designed by the CEO of the Airline:


 - Earning miles on flights
 - 25% off for the "Liaoning Lounge" entrance cost in Shenyang and Dalian
 - 25% off for Seat Selection


 - Earning miles on flights
 - Priority Security
 - Priority Boarding
 - Priority Luggage delivery
 - Seat selection for no extra fees
 - 10% off, for business class upgrades (Business class wil be introduced on the ATP)
 - Seat selection for no extra fees
 - Free access to the "Liaoning Lounges" in Shenyang and Beijing

Thank you for flying with Liaoning Airlines  :)

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Reply #3 on: July 17, 2011, 11:44:46 am

April, 1st, 1993 - Public World 2006

After introducing a new Frequent Flier program, as well as a business class product, Liaoning Aviation now wants to buy bigger and better airplanes.
Believing that Beeches always were to small, Liaoning Aviation went to the market looking for bigger and more comfortable planes.

The Dash-8 was the first plane that caught our attention. Being such a fast, quiet and comfortable plane, there just wasn't any competition to the Dash-8.

Liaoning Aviation decided that the Dash-8-300A was the plane to replace the Beeches. And order for Two wore therefore made, of which one has been delivered, replacing the Beech 1900, which has been put up for sale in the Aircraft Market.

But Liaoning Aviation decided that they still didn't have enough planes to accommodate the growing market in Liaoning, so an order for an additional two BAe ATPs have been made.

Current Fleet:

1 Beech 1900D - To be phased out
3 BAe ATP - 2 in service, on on order
2 Dash 8-300A - 1 in service, 1 on order

Liaoning Aviation will soon reveal a major announcement, which will make Liaoning Aviation an even better airline with a bigger audience, so stay tuned!


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Reply #4 on: July 18, 2011, 06:41:59 pm
May, 7th, 1993 - Public World 2006

The Dalian aviation scene has changed!

Liaoning Aviations decision to create a hub in Dalian means that lower fares and new destinations can be expected, which is really good news for the Dalian resident! 22 new flights has been started. 20 of the new destinations are unique destinations, not served by any other airline form Dalian! The current route map are:


Serves 39 destinations
Flies 57 routes
Fleet consists of 8 aircraft
Transports 5680 passengers every day
Longest route: Shenyang-Fukuoka 585 nm
Shortest route: Dalian-Changhai 56 nm
Serves destinations in 5 countries
Serves destinations in 9 Chinese provinces
Largest aircraft seats 72 passengers
Smallest aircraft seats 19 passengers
Largest airline in Dalian and Shenyang (by seats)
Avarage fleet age is 0.1 years
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Reply #5 on: July 21, 2011, 02:19:03 pm
August, 3rd, 1993 - Public World 2006

Liaoning Aviation buys Jet aircraft!

Four new aircraft has been ordered as Liaoning Aviation opens more distant destinations. In a strategic move, Liaoning Aviation has ordered Four modern jets, taking the Liaoningese Aviation scene to a new level!

The McDonnellDouglas MD-87 is a member of the MD-80 series, a successful series of short-haul jet aircraft. The inaugural flight will be at October 1st,´so book your tickets quickly to get a seat on a historical flight!

The Bombardier CRJ-100ER is a Next Generation regional jet, a popular type perfect for longer regional routes, where it has a significant advantage over the turboprops that most airlines operates on longer routes.

Meanwhile, Liaoning Aviation has received more ATP and Dash 8 aircraft, which means more routes like:

Shanghai - Where east meets west, Shanghai has developed to be the Center of East Asia (sorry, Tokyo).

Hangzhou - A common saying is: Up above there is heaven, here on earth there is Hangzhou. Probably the most beautiful city of China.
All of our routes can be found on this route map:

Note: Due to a problem the Route map system, routes to the cities of Jixi and Daqing can not be found on the route map.
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Reply #6 on: July 24, 2011, 12:34:49 am
Liaoning Aviation gets new look!

October, 13th, 1993 - Public World 2006

Liaoning Aviation has got a new look, including a brand new logo, and a text from the CEO!

"We decided our current advertisers looked to simple and unprofessional, and we really needed a logo", a spokesman for Liaoning Aviation said.

Regarding the network, Liaoning Aviation has set up it's first hub outside Liaoning! The new hub is located in Harbin. Routes are primarily served by Dash-8-100s, and BAe ATPs.
"Liaoning Aviation has linked Harbin to a lot of cities, as well as linking smaller towns to a network of 84 destinations across China"

Liaoning Aviation has also set up new Tokyo routes. The flight is routed Beijing-Shenyang-Tokyo or Beijing-Dalian-Tokyo. The routes links two of the worlds biggest capitals the flights on modern MD-87 jet aircraft two times a day, more then any other airline. The other destinations served by the MD-87s are Shanghai-Hongqiao and Shanghai-Pudong, both from Dalian.

Comments on the new look are always appreciated!


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