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on: July 12, 2009, 03:14:40 pm
Southern Cross Airways is Back!

After a long restructuring process Southern Cross Airways has emerged bigger and better.
Based out of Sydney Southern Cross Airways comprises of:

Southern Cross Airways Connect
1x Boeing 737-500 Flying Domestic Routes (awaiting Delivery)
The beginnings of our domestic network with flights to
Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart and many more SCC is the airline to fly

Southern Cross Horizon
2x Boeing 767-200ER (Awaiting Delivery)
Connecting Sydney to the World!
With Starting Flights to
Japan, Singapore and Honk Kong

And Finally Southern Cross Express!
The first operating division of Southern Cross Airways comprises of
5x Saab340B aircraft
with a MASSIVE 40+ regional Destinations from Sydney alone SCA truly connects Australia!

Our Future
SCA has a bright future our fleet plans at the current point stands at
50+ Saab 340's
25+ Boeing 737's
25+ Boeing 767's

We will have Hubs at
Hong Kong

The History of Southern Cross Airways
Southern Cross Airways is the Brain Child of Jackson S who has operated the airline for the past 90+ years without ever aging
after numerous restructures of the airline and a lengthy period of time away from the airline industry and SCA Jackson is back
with the urge to once again recreate SCA's glory days of Australian Aviation

Stay Tuned for More SCA Updates   
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Southern Cross Airways
Australia's Official Carrier
Lighting the Sky's of Australia and Beyond!
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Reply #1 on: July 14, 2009, 08:59:21 am

Southern Cross Airways has reached an historic point in its history today with the arrival of their two 767's
CEO Jackson Smith cited it as a "ground breaking achievment" and that "this is only the start of things to come"
Southern Cross Airways announced that the two 767's will be flying the
Sydney to Los Angeles*
Sydney to Honk Kong*
Sydney to Tokyo Haneda*
Sydney to Perth*
*One way Fare

Southern Cross Airways promises to bring world class service to the Sky's featuring our Intl 3 Class system
Star Class: First Class featuring plush bed-seats with amazing entertainment systems.
Southern Cross Class: Business Class with flat lie beds and personnal entertainment services
Australia class: Touris/Economy Class featuring 32inch pitch, personnal entertainment systems
With every class you can always expect our amazing first class service!

SCA have also announced their recent delivery of a Saab 340B and a wet lease of a boeing 733
The Saab will be deployed to Melbourne for regional routes

The Boeing 733 has been deployed to SCA's first transtasman routes which is the SYD-AKL
Other routes
SYD-Hobart Intl
SYD-Townsville Intl
SYD- Launceston Airport
SYD- Devonport

This will only remain for the next 4 months though until we can supplement the lease with a 737 of our own, rumour has it
will be a 737-400

SCA have announced their plans to open a Melborune hub this month to beggining with regional routes beggining with the Saab 34o

Stay Tuned For More news
An Exclusive set of pictures displaying SCA's first 737-500 will be avalible for release soon

Southern Cross Airways
Lighting the Sky's of Australia
Who needs a better excuse to fly?


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Reply #2 on: July 15, 2009, 01:24:01 am
We should form a strategic partnership; Codeshares and the likes. My airline is Northwest Airlines. Look it up in game and post in this thread if you would like to :)


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Reply #3 on: September 06, 2009, 08:27:39 am
With the GFC hitting SCA hard, drastic cut backs and fleet reductions have crippled the airline

Southern Cross Airways had announced a cut back in their fleet size as the global financial crisis and fuel prices push are pushing SCA's budget into the Red,
CEO Jackson Smith stated that "you'll begin to see our older jets being phased out and destinations being cut back at this tough time for Southern Cross Airways
When asked about how stable Southern Cross is at the moment, Smith replied with "the airline is in a rocky position, we should pull through providing nothing goes wrong
over the next few months in regards to fuel prices and fleet maintenance.

It has also been noted with the drastic cut back of the SCA fleet with the 737-500 being auctioned off, the 767-200 being retired and the entire Saab fleet being sold off
What is left is the core of Southern Cross Airways, which is the domestic part, the most profitable part of Southern Cross Airways,

"Maybe when things seem to calm down and resume their normal pace, we may think about restarting SCA regional and SCA International, but our main focus is on our domestic fleet and their survival."

At the current point of time SCA is leasing 6 Boeing 732ADV which is the core of their domestic airline
1 Avro RJ85 which is servicing the smaller cities of the eastern coast
The Arrival of a brand new Boeing 717HGW which is flying out of Melbourne on the smaller scale domestic routes and trans tasman destinations
2 BBJ which is forming the elite class of travel into Asia from Sydney Intl

Possibly one of the more unusual sides of SCA's plan to pull them out of Rescission is the large order of new Airbus A321-100's which SCA will acquire 6 of
which will replace the old 737 domestics

"were finding the old 737's horrendously unreliable and a pain for maintenance, coupled with the noise and the fuel usage their just not working for us anymore"
SCA's CEO was reported saying

Hopefully with the new arrivals, SCA can get back on their feet and continue to grow at a record pace

Until Next time

Southern Cross Airways
Lighting the Sky's of Australia
Who needs a better excuse to fly?


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