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Villair order new aircraft, and starts new routes!

Villair has announced an order of a "Burnelli CBY-3".

Villair has also received it's "Vickers VC.1 Viking", named "Climbing Viking".
With this aircraft three new routes has been started:

Warszawa (Federic Chopin)
St Petersburg (Pulkovo)
Berlin (Tegel)

Villair - Making flying an experience!

Villair has decided to order a "Vickers VC.1 Viking" for it's longer european routes.

"This is a milestone for Villair", a spokesman for Villair said.

Villair want to start flights to Southern Europe!

"We are closely looking at buying new aircraft, so we can serve more people to more destinations. Stockholm is an underserved airport, and we see the demand for these longer flights. We are now comparing aircrafts to find the most effective one", a spokesman for Villair said.

Villair acquaries another "Fairchild 82" and starts routes to Russia, Denmark and Germany!

Villair has acquaired another "Fairchild 82", named "Taxiing dog". This will mean some changes in the network:

 - Stockholm (Arlanda) - Gothenburg (Landvetter) will be downgraded to a "Fairchild 82" instead of a "Page HPR-1 Marathon".

New routes:

Copenhagen (Kastrup) - Operated by a "Page HPR-1 Marathon".
Hamburg - Operated by a "Fairchild 82".
Kaliningrad - Operated by a "Fairchild 82"
Örnsköldsvik - Operated by a Fairchild 82"
Karlstad - Operated by a CASA 201D Alcotan
Oulu/Uleåborg - Operated by a "Fairchild 82"

Villair - Making flying an experience!

Villair has acquired another "Fairchild 82", named "Climbing dog"

From now on Kalmar will be operated by the "Fairchild 82".

New routes are:

Riga - Operated by the "CASA 201D Alcotan"
Ronneby - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"
Oslo (Sandefjord-Torp) - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"
Bornholm/Rönne - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"
Östersund (Frösön) - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"

Villair - Making flying an experience

Airline Branding Center / Re: Need A Logo?
« on: March 12, 2011, 09:19:05 am »
Thanks a lot, the logo is awesome!  :D

Villair has bought a used "Fairchild 82" aircraft. The name of the new aircraft will be "Cruising dog."

This means that it'll be changes in the network.

These are existing routes that will be operated by the Fairchild 82.

Nyköping (Skavsta)

We will also open folowing new routes:

Linköping (City) - Opereated by the "Fairchild 82"
Örebro - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"
Halmstad (City) - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"
Kristiansand (Kjevik) - Operated by the "Fairchild 82"
Malmö (Sturup) - Operated by the "Page HPR-1 Marathon"
Gdansk - Opertade by the CASA 201D Alcotan"

Villair - Making flying an experience!

Airline Branding Center / Re: Need A Logo?
« on: March 11, 2011, 10:03:00 am »
Airline Name: Villair
Slogan (if any):
Colors: Red & Green
Symbol or letter based what letter: A bird
Background pic or not:
Extra: I would like the "Villair" name to be in red.

Villair has added another aircraft to it's fleet! The aircraft is a "CASA 201D Alcotan", leased from another airline.

With this aircraft we have opened up 10 new destinations!

These are the new destinations you now can fly Villair to:

Mariehamn   (Operated by the Page HPR-1 Marathon)
Tampere (Pirkkala)   
Nyköping (Skavsta)         
Gothenburg (City)   

Villair - Making flying an experience.

Villair has announced flights to Visby!

We are going to fly the Stockholm-Arlanda - Visby route once a day!

Fares starting from 120 euros round trip!

Villair is now going double daily to Gothenburg!

"The new route has been a success, so now we are adding another frequency", a spokesman for Villair said.

We are proud to present a new airline: Villair. You can find us in "Public World #1860". The starting date of Villair was 4th September 1951!

Villair is an airline based at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. We fly a single "Page HPR-1 Marathon".

Our intitial destinations are Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Tallinn, but we'll soon add more destinations.
To celebrate the opening of Villair, we'll offer a sale! Round trips to Helsinki and Gothenburg is offered from 100 euros!

Villair - Making flying an experience

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