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Game Data / Re: Cargo planes
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:43:14 am »
The problem with making "engine variants" is that you can't then vary it between routes. I can't choose to have extra range on one route and extra cargo capacity on the second.
The difference between cargo and passengers is that with the latter, the planes are fixed in their seat/range amounts (i.e. Emirates 777 is always in long range capacity - cargo planes aren't).
That said, even a simple system which operates much like the current pax system would be an interesting addition.

Game Data / Re: Cargo planes
« on: March 27, 2011, 12:12:07 am »
As Virgin Serbia has eluded to with the 747-400ERF above, different cargo capacities result in different carrying capacities. In reality, airlines change the weight of cargo they have based on how far they want to fly - creating an element of variability not seen in passenger operations.
I don't know how AM would get around this... maybe getting a range of known capacities/ranges and offering them to players. Or perhaps having some kind of model which can calculate range/payload data, based on a few  known values.
I imagine most of the values you will find will be maximums - at least in terms of payload - and perhaps also in terms of range (especially if the data comes from two separate sources).

Game Strategy / Re: Route Pricing
« on: March 09, 2011, 02:35:13 am »
Yes. Whenever you increase the number of seats you have filled (i.e. increasing load factor or total capacity), you decrease your competitor's load factor. Your competitors will have to decrease their fares to fix the load factors, which in turn decreases your own load factor. With every adjustment down, everyone's load factors will increase. You then end up slowly moving the price to a point where everyone has 100% (or someone gives up changing it).

On a side note, the reason you can charge a higher fare (assuming your competitors are charging the most they can) is that you would have a lower capacity on the route - either smaller plane or your competitors are running multiple frequencies - this still has an effect (albeit smaller) on airlines with lower fares.

Flight Simulators & Online Flying / Re: FSX Graphics
« on: February 23, 2011, 03:34:31 am »
A DV6? They are quite nice, I was considering getting one myself. The graphics in that one are quite powerful - the only suggestion I would make is upgrading to one of the higher range Intel Processors.

FSX will challenge even the best desktops if you turn the settings right up and start adding on some 3rd party stuff - so really it's just about maximising your computer's performance, and then pushing the settings to a nice balance between prettiness and performance.
My desktop is much slower than that computer (Core 2 Duo, 1.8 GHz, with a mid range 0.5 Gb graphics card from a few years back) and it runs FSX fine if I turn the settings down to moderately low levels - or at under 1 fps if I put them close to the top.

The only thing I would warn you about, with a laptop, is that you basically have the choice between performance or battery life. If you go for one with an i7 processor, you would be lucky to be getting 3 hours out of the standard battery when doing everyday stuff (like internet, word processing) - and less while gaming.

On a final note, HP just brought out a new line of DV6s (at least with their Intel ones, not sure about AMD) - you may be able to score a deal on one of the old models.

Game Strategy / Re: My 777s.
« on: February 10, 2011, 08:58:10 am »
I wouldn't quite say never lease planes out for more than a year. It really depends what price you're leasing them at - for me, I try to keep it around 10%. I often lease planes for 3 years, which I would say is a fairly reasonable amount. By then, maintenance costs are approaching the value of the lease. People who lease for 10 years or so are going to be making losses by the end of it unless they are charging very high rates (which, might I add, is not inconceivable - leases made early in the game can be very high, and if the airline goes inactive...). One must consider that some airlines out to lease an aircraft will pay a premium to get a longer lease - as it means they need to change routes over less, and have a guaranteed aircraft for longer.

The problem with leasing large aircraft is not so much that maintenance is huge, but that lease revenues are small. If you charge 10% on a Fokker-100, that's 3.7 million / month - quite affordable. If you charge 10% on a 747-400, that's 38 million / month - the price of buying outright the Fokker which will earn just as much doing domestic routes.
With larger aircraft (as in, around 100 million plus), it's quite difficult to make money by yourself. When you factor in the owner taking a cut, it becomes even more expensive. This is not to mention that the expense is more visible - as you can clearly see how much it costs per month in lease fees, and how much (less) you're getting in fare revenue.

Game Strategy / Re: The MD90s
« on: February 07, 2011, 08:00:28 am »
The 717s were (and some still are) used by Qantas/Jetstar in Australia too.

I often use MD-80/90 aircraft because they seem to provide a good compromise of price and specs for most of my airlines, often in conjunction with something around 100-120 seats and something around 210-220.

Bugs / Re: Operations page error
« on: February 06, 2011, 02:44:18 am »
World 1836, ID 10349
I checked, and it's happening for me too.

I get:
Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport (MUC) 92.2%
      Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport (MUC) 93.5%

The second figure is the one on the View Airport page.
I seem to recall there was a problem with the graphs on this page, where they were only updated every so often - resulting in a lag between actions (like opening a base, adding routes) and changes to the graph. Might it be a similar problem causing the two values?
If so, the second figure probably is right, because I just added routes (which would increase my route share).

Checking out world 82, where no routes have been changed for decades, I get:
London Heathrow (LHR) 12.2%
      Paris Charles De Gaule (CDG) 24.3%
      Frankfurt (FRA) 16.2%
      Amsterdam (AMS) 16.6%
      London Heathrow (LHR) 12.2%
Paris Charles De Gaule (CDG) 24.3%
Frankfurt (FRA) 16.2%
Amsterdam (AMS) 16.6%

All the values are the same - perhaps because nothing has been changed (i.e. current values and the ones from earlier are the same)?

Private World Discussion & Invitation / Re: Realistic World?
« on: February 06, 2011, 02:14:47 am »
Europe is pretty free when it comes to hubs in real life. Airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet have "bases" all over Europe.

A more in-game problem is that, unlike the US, many of the European countries (and indeed, most other countries) lack a large number of big airports - so you end up with fairly small bases. If you focus on realistic routes (i.e. ones that airlines fly in real life), anything other than the major bases gives you quite a limited selection of destinations - so there isn't much potential to expand your airline.

Game Strategy / Re: Longest range plane?
« on: February 06, 2011, 12:31:40 am »

Game Strategy / Re: Longest range plane?
« on: February 05, 2011, 01:42:30 pm »
While it is a forum I was looking at, I don't see why it's any less reliable that this one. Indeed, the fact that it is a fairly large forum devoted to aviation (and specifically commercial aviation), would suggest that, were fabrications brought up, they would probably be pointed out and shot down in flames pretty quickly by other members. The claim they make about Sudan is not that fly overs are forbidden, but that no US airlines fly there (and the implication inferred from this is that the Sudanese government is probably not willing to give regulatory approval to said US airlines). They point out that airlines from non-US countries regularly fly there, by posting a link (admittedly to a blog) in the second post on Sudan.

In terms of Zimbabwe being anything other than a complete basket case... well... I guess I'll just have to believe almost every commentator in the Western world on this one. But to look at two fairly reputable sources, the CIA World Factbook points out that "the government's land reform program, characterized by chaos and violence, has badly damaged the commercial farming sector" and later that the Zimbabwean dollar's official exchange rate went from 162 per US$ in 2006, to 30,000 per US$ in 2007 (with a realistic unofficial figure of 800,000 per US$) - which, by my calculations, is 493,800% inflation. Meanwhile, the BBC country profile describes how "the forced seizure of almost all white-owned commercial farms, with the stated aim of benefiting landless black Zimbabweans, led to sharp falls in production and precipitated the collapse of the agriculture-based economy". The considerable international sanctions against Zimbabwe would suggest that he is annoying more than just his own people.

Anyhow, I digress, while it is certainly true that fly overs are a source of good money (as that forum suggests RE North Korea), to many of these dictatorships, the hatred of the West, or more often certain countries (like the US or UK) for various reasons (such as a belief that they are trying to impose imperialistic policies on them) leads them to be quite willing to ostracise those specific countries, even if it means they lose a little money. The fact that these dictatorships often have huge sanctions imposed on them by foreign powers would suggest that acquiring foreign currency is probably not their primary goal - but rather, their goal is satisfying the strange whims of their dictator - even if that means turning away a few British or American planes.

But in the end, even if the worst parts of Africa are perfectly safe, successful states, the perception in the west, as pointed out, is that they are dangerous, which would make it quite plausible that rich 777 owners would divert around them - regardless of whether the fears motivating them were true or not.

Game Strategy / Re: Longest range plane?
« on: February 05, 2011, 03:49:40 am »
The link does claim that US airlines can't operate in some African countries - so if you've a US registered plane... But my point was more that if you have sufficient money to waste it on getting a 777 - as a private jet - you might indulge yourself and waste some more avoiding anywhere remotely dangerous.
And crackpot dictators tend not to care too much about scaring/annoying anyone, just look at somewhere like Zimbabwe.

[+] Suggestions / Re: "View all Aircraft" suggestion
« on: February 04, 2011, 03:08:12 am »
I can see the use of such an idea. I would suggest that, for planes which are currently available, it redirect straight to the buy AC page though (indeed that page could just be modified to show/hide the actual purchase button based on the game date, and have all planes link there).

I seem to recall a suggestion similar to this being rejected in the past as it would make it easy for competitor games to access all AM's data. Though that may be less of an issue considering multi-worlds makes that easier. An alternative, for planning purposes, is the "View Latest Aircraft" page, which gives you new aircraft from the next year.

Bugs / Re: Great Circle Mapper Error
« on: February 04, 2011, 12:27:54 am »
Some of the airports are not in the GCM database. As it is not run by AM, there isn't much that can be done to fix it.
There's more on it in the Manual.

Game Strategy / Re: Longest range plane?
« on: February 04, 2011, 12:12:59 am »
There are plenty of no fly or undesirable to fly countries (historically and currently). Googling it, this result came up.
Loads of airlines avoid North Korea, the USSR had an awfully big large amount of no fly zone for Western airlines and some African/Middle East countries don't allow some Western countries. There was the case of the Korean Airlines plane being shot down by the USSR (admittedly not forced to land). I imagine if you could avoid some of those places, you probably would. If commercial airliners make detours around certain countries, why wouldn't important people - who may well have annoyed whatever crazy regime is in place (if not just by their nationality, by their actions).

Game Strategy / Re: Longest range plane?
« on: February 02, 2011, 10:53:22 pm »
Not applicable in AM, but one needs the spare fuel so they can divert if necessary, and potentially to take alternate routings to avoid certain countries and the like - which may be of concern if you're that rich.

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