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Suggestions / Renting out gates
« on: July 29, 2014, 01:49:40 am »
So, this dawned on me.  You know how in real life a lot of airlines associated with the same alliance use the same terminals?  I was wondering if there was a way to make it possible to be able to lease out your own gates in your own terminal to airlines?  If building a terminal is technically creating extra gates, this would be a good source of extra revenue for airlines, and a way to allow alliances to work together more.

Suggestions / Baggage Fees
« on: May 07, 2014, 06:49:02 am »
Since we have fees for meals and beverages, maybe we should add baggage fees to the mix?  Maybe allow for 1 or 2 baggage fees for a 1st and 2nd checked bag?  Or maybe just leave the option for a 1st checked bag.  I'm not sure about the option for a carry on fee but maybe that too.  That way we could keep up with the Jones'.

Airline Reports / America World Airlines Announces Service to Amsterdam!
« on: December 05, 2010, 12:42:22 am »
New York, NY-America World Airlines has announced new daily service to Amsterdam, Netherlands today.  The new service will be on the Boeing 737-300 and is subject to foreign government approval.  Service is made possible through our skyteam alliance partnership with Trans World Airways.

New York, NY-America World Airlines has announced service between New York City and Reykjavik, Iceland today as an effort to increase European presence.  America World Airlines will be the first carrier to offer service between Iceland and New York City.  The new service will be on the Boeing 737-500 aircraft and is set to begin in 48 days!

New York, NY-America World Airlines silently suspended service to London-Stansted upon British Airways' entry into the skyteam Alliance.  The service was relocated to London-Heathrow Airport shortly after.  Now, America World Airlines has announced they will return to London-Stansted Airport while continuing New York-Heathrow service as well.  The service will resume on the Boeing 737-300 as it was before.

New York, NY-New York Based America World Airlines has opened for business today.  The inaugural flight is between our Hub at Kennedy Airport and Daytona Beach, Florida.  America World Airlines (AMW) is planning to have an extensive network connecting many cities to our current and future hubs.  We have a fleet of5 Boeing 737-200s.  Our number one goal is "Don't Drive to fly" which will come to mean you don't have to drive too long to get to an airport we serve!  Look for America World Airlines at an airport near you!

America World Airlines
Connecting America to the World

New York, NY-America World Airlines has announced the start of new nonstop service between New York and San Francisco today.  The new service is set to begin in 19 days on the Boeing 737-500.  America World Airlines will offer triple FlyMiles® for passengers traveling to San Francisco from any other America World Airlines Destination.

New York, NY-The Government of France has approved America World Airlines' proposed service between New York-Kennedy and Paris Orly Airport.  Flights are now available for booking on and everyone booked on the inaugural flight will get double FlyMiles ®.

New York, NY-America World Airlines has announced its intention to launch daily service from New York-Kennedy Airport to Paris, France (Orly Airport).  The new service will be on the Boeing 737-300 and is subject to Foreign Government Approval.
"We are thrilled to offer new service to Paris," says CEO Evan K, "We are committed to connecting America to the world!"

New York, NY-America World Airlines has been given the final DOT approval to launch nonstop service from New York-Kennedy to London-Stansted.  With the DOT approval, America World Airlines will begin the service in 35 days on the Boeing 737-300.  This will be the only nonstop service to New York from Stansted Airport.  "We are thrilled to open London-Stansted Airport to New York Area travelers," says CEO Evan K, "This is a coveted market."

New York, NY-America World Airlines has announced plans to launch daily service between New York's Kennedy Airport and London Stansted Airport in the coming months.  The new air service will be America World Airlines' first transatlantic route and will be flown on the Boeing 737-300!  Passengers arriving in London Stansted Airport will have convenient ground transportation access into London as well!  "We are thrilled to add London to our growing network of flights," says CEO Evan K, "We feel that Stansted Airport is a perfect fit for our airline over Heathrow or Gatwick and will be a more convenient airport experience for our customers on both sides of the pond."

New York, NY-West Coast Represent!  America World Airlines has announced new air service between New York City's Kennedy Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.  The new service is set to begin in 7 weeks using the Boeing 737-500.  Airfares are starting as low as £250 round trip which is roughly £200 cheaper than competitors!  In addition to Los Angeles service from New York, passengers will be able to connect to our code share flights on skyteam partner Antalya airways, based at LAX.
"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand to Los Angeles," says CEO Evan K, "America World Airlines is eager to connect Los Angeles to America and the World!"
On the day of the inaugural flight, singer Katy Perry will perform her hit song "California Gurls" prior to boarding.

Airline Reports / America World Airlines Surges to the top in New York!
« on: November 21, 2010, 04:35:13 am »
New York, NY-America World Airlines is now the number one airline in terms of flights and market share now!  The airline now has 40 daily flights as well as 19.30% market share over the second place carrier with 17.75% percent.

Airline Reports / Re: America World Airlines (CLOSED)
« on: November 20, 2010, 10:45:43 pm »
MODERATORS: Please lock, thank you.

New York, NY-America World Airlines, in conjunction with Flint Bishop International Airport and Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport are proud to announce new daily air service to New York's Kennedy Airport!  The new service is set to begin alongside the launch of service to Moline, IL and Green Bay, WI.  "We are thrilled to announce daily service to Flint and Youngstown/Warren!" says CEO Evan K, "These cities are getting a much deserved link with New York that they previously did not have."

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