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Private World Discussion & Invitation / NEW 10 YEAR WORLD
« on: December 05, 2011, 04:39:35 pm »
Hello fellow players.

I know there are several new PVT World's to play in at the moment.

But I have noticed that those games that go beyond 10 Years seem to lose players for a myriad of reasons.

1. Airlines grow so fast they lose their 'maps' (Important to me TBH)
2. Players just lose interest.
3. There are actually few of us left with a want for daily LOG INs to see how we're doing.
4. The game (though we love it) hasn't been updated with new features for a LONG time.
5. Just think 'hot swap'

So here is an Old SKOOL proposition.

I am willing to open a 7 year FULL World.
Modern A/C, plenty of bases.
Build the Airline YOU really want.
YES there will be competition out of the BIG bases.
But how about being part of a community that helps you grow, with Alliances through the game play years?
So if you want to start out of ATL or Almatty, you will be welcome and encouraged through the Message board?

If this is of interest, please let me know.

This game is meant to be FUN after all.

Don't you remember checking in to see your status, ranking and future base growth?

So looking for active, friendly players, from the tiddlers to the big hitters.

APA (Asia Pacific Airlines)

Private World Discussion & Invitation / NEW WORLD
« on: October 19, 2011, 05:54:06 pm »
New FULL World started today.

24 hours till game play starts.

No restrictions.

Game num 2094

Starts 1968
Game length 8 YEARS
Start A/C 2 x 727-200
Start cash 1.5M
Start gates 2

NO password.

Full World.



Come and play.

Private World Discussion & Invitation / NEW WORLD
« on: October 25, 2010, 07:40:36 pm »
Hi everyone.

Been reading through many of the posts on here regarding New Private Worlds and thought what it would be like to do something a little bit different.

We are all used to playing in 5 year Worlds set from the 90s or newer where really you don't have to think or plan.

Buy ATRs, then Dash 8s, then CRJs, then Airbus or Boeing depending on your usual game play and strategy.
Nothing wrong with that, it's pretty much the bread and butter of the games available (and the ones you have a shot at winning).

Unfortunately, long games also seem to lose players and interest is quickly lost if only a few ACTIVE players remain logging in.

However, I have recently joined my first 'public' World and am having tremendous fun.
Real planning, gate usage, monthly maintenance are suddenly important.

It would be impossible to recreate in a Private World these new pressures of playing against 200 hundred people as people come and go.

However, I thought I would just see what possible interest there is for THIS new Private World.
Game play is long enough so that even those working or studying can dip in and out and not feel the game is moving to fast between log ins for them to compete.

I am happily, one of the 'usual old timer' suspects, but would like to think trying something where you actually have to THINK about your airline could entice some new blood.

Maybe the game I propose doesn't go far enough to stretch some or seems to complex for others, but here goes.

Start year    1975
Game length 25
Start Gate    1
Start A/C     727-200 ADV
Max Base     16
Max F.B       6
Start Cash   1.5M
Max Players  200

Full World
New improved maps
No password

Just let me know what you think.

Ideas appreciated.

Happy flying.

Hello everyone at AM.
I have been away from the site for a while and not participated in a World for some time.
Am looking at setting up a NEW World for players to try established winning techniques BUT also to try something different and maybe learn new tricks.
The idea being that if you win the World, GREAT, but maybe also be encouraged by fellow airlines in the game to break new ground.

The term of the game will be quite short, 5 years, however the starting A/C and cash pretty generous.
4 x A318s OR A319s to start.
$2,000,000 start cash.
Home bases = unlimited
Foreign bases = 4
Max players = 15

Alliances will be encouraged. Due to copyright issues, I think your OWN Airline names and Alliance names may be the best way forward.

Anyway, let me know what you think. Cheers.


Hello fellow players. Here is just a thought. let me know what you think.

I have run a recent World, joined a new World and noticed that few players join real Worlds or if they do, go inactive after about 6 years (game play) and that the World becomes boring to participate in.

I have LOTS of tokens (being a true AM fan and player) so how about a bad, nasty World. No real airlines, just your own creation.

Runs for no more than 6 years, keeps log in and game play fresh, your free to start any base, no limit on foreign bases, free to start any alliance, join any alliance.

Object, to grow as quick as possible, maximise routes and bases outside usual 'real airline' restrictions.

start year 2003
Start A/C 4 DASH 8 - 400s
Start gates 4
Start cash 3 MILL.

See how your real skill takes off.

« on: February 11, 2010, 06:34:19 pm »
I seemingly have a mega range, non listed, non mid air re fueled Dash 8 - 400!

PW 1300
Airline ID 30312
Play as IBERIA

I have gone through each aircraft in my fleet (thankfully a new World so I only have 9 to check) and none show this route to Oz.
I understand this is a frequent problem for players starting with Iberia. A fellow player in PW1194 has a similar map discrepancy.
Any Ideas?

We currently have 2 vacancies in this World.

Details -

GAME LENGTH 6 years (Only 1 fleet replacement required to keep MX costs down)
START A/C     4 x A318s
START CASH   2,000,000
TIME LEFT      5 years 7 months
ALLIANCES      2. SkyTeam and Star Alliance
BROKER          YES
BASES            [3] 10



This particular game is played by a group of friends who have decided to try something new as well as normal game play.
We have our own threads on the AIR EMPIRES forum. (link on PW#1075 and PW#1201 threads)
We host awards, competitions, share advice, game experience and generally help each other along.
Naturally there will be a winner, friendly rivalry and competition between Airlines, however, this is all achieved through a ethic of fair play.

As there are so few Airlines allowed, meteoric growth and expansion happen at quite a fast pace.
This game would ideally suit a player new to the game, or an experienced player looking to try something completely different.

Things to consider should you like what you read....

1. We all play fairly.
2. We all offer advice and also support each other.
3. We are all active on the forum and make posts about our Operations.


If you are a player who 'must win at any cost' this World is not for you.
If you want to be 'number one or nothing' again, seek another World.

If you want to try something new where other players will NOT crucify your operations.... we'd like to hear from you.


We are looking for 2 players to come and join us.
Ideally we would like -
1 x Star Alliance member
1 x Skyteam member

Please contact me if Interested with your Airline of choice and why this World might interest you.

Thanks in advance

Hello there. I run a very small World (15players MAX)
It was developed so that a group of like minded friends could play along together and try new things.
There are still a couple of slots to go, however my question is this.

There are 11 active players plus a broker taking the total to 12. The broker doesn't show in the rankings (obviously).
I received a message from another player stating that the 'broker' doesn't count towards the player tally.
Is this correct?
Do I have an extra player slot I didn't realise.
In effect, even with the 'broker' I can have 15 players PLUS him.

Thanks in advance.

Alliances / JAY-AIR has created the new PLANET alliance #947
« on: October 25, 2009, 12:45:43 pm »
The new PLANET alliance has been formed in Private World #947

As NO focus cities are allowed outside your continent in this game, an Alliance is the only way to grow.

Simple rules and a friendly approach will hopefully allow this new alliance to grow.


1. ALWAYS ask the hub owner for permission on which routes you intend to fly.
2. As a HUB owner, you have the right to say YES or NO to any route request from your bases.
3. Work together with all alliance members to create a seamless and competitive network.


JAY-AIR ID 30312

Airline Reports / 1st to fly A380-800
« on: October 13, 2009, 06:10:03 pm »
A/L ID   #30312
P-WRLD #640


JAY AIR is proud to announce that we are the launch airline for the A380.

We are the 1st in our World to order this amazing A/C and anticipate using it on our AsiaPacific - US route network.

We will deliver an amazing updated customer experience that can only be delivered by JAY AIR.

Asia routes will never be the same again.

General Chat / ROUTE MAPS
« on: September 28, 2009, 10:05:39 pm »
Hello all.


I operate an airline ( JAY AIR  ID # 30312) in 3 worlds.

It doesn't seem to matter if I operate 15 or 600 routes, My route map doesn't show. I just get the box with an X

I realise this is NOT the most important function of the game, however I have competitors with a much larger route network and flights and thier route maps show.

Am I missing something here? Is there a function in 'show routes' that I have misunderstood?

I have tried to use the route map function, but the result is still the same.... i.e = no map.

Any advice would be greatfully recieved.

Happy flying all. JAY AIR.

Game Strategy / NEWBIE (completely hooked) IS THIS A GOOD START?
« on: August 30, 2009, 08:40:00 pm »
Hello there fellow Airline operators.

I'm just after guidence, I HAVE also read the WIKI.

Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere.

I joined the game yesterday (Im in a PVT WORLD) Name is Flybynight747

After some pretty disastrous gate renting, I thought 2 frequencies meant you needed 2 gates IN SINGAPORE at 300.000 EACH.
Then added another by mkistake, add to this HKG with 300.000 gate costs and well...... Aint I the Muppet. (I can hear you laughing)

But I refused to be beaten and have cracked on.

I'm a small operator, don't want to conquer the World (just not be last in my group)
I operate 1 A320-200, run on 5 routes. Hours are absolutely maxed out.

my DOC is 427K

Is this a good start do you think from your experience? (despite the awful gate process, self inflicted?)

Please understand, I'm not asking this for derisory or indeed compliment, I just want to know if it's a reasonable start?

Thanks in advance.

happy flying all. FBN

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