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Aircraft revenue vs costs
I think this is what is the priority for a fix. As it is, high capacity aircraft are a no go in this game, which make it frustrating when you see a nice A380-800.

I understand the developpers do not want to kill smaller aircraft by making bigger aircraft too profitable, but here are some ideas, taking into account this target.

1. As long as the capacity offered on a route hasn't reached the demand, prices should remain high, and should be the same for any type of aircraft.

2. When offer is higher than demand, there should be a slight bonus for the aircraft offering the fastest service (this would be reflected in passengers accepting to pay just a little bit more for the same flight), such bonus to increase based on the length of the route.

3. When offer is higher than demand (taking into account prices modifiers as per above), planes should be filled up according to the price. First the cheapest tickets price, then second etc... If two airlines have the same pricing, they share the passengers.

4. Fuel: I would add one hour of fuel costs on each flight to simulate take off/climbing and approach/landing fuel burn. This will also make big heavy jets less attractive on short routes.

5. Costs per seat: the costs per seats (fuel/maintenance) should be somehow calculated to ensure that bigger aircraft can offer lower seat costs. This might be managed to ensure that there are no dramatic drops (as not to kill smaller aircraft) but it needs to be better balanced than today, where costs are prohibitive on bigger jets.

6. Passengers should be willing to pay more for longer routes. Everybody understands that the longer the route, the higher the costs. As it is today, long range is not a very good option. This needs to be offset by higher fees on long range routes.

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