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• World name & number
GunderWorld I - Number & Link provided upon creation

• Era or current year of world
1950 - 2020

• Max players (and how many places are left)
50 Maximum Players

• Starting aircraft & quantity
TWO (2) Douglas DC-6 aircraft

• Starting cash
500,000 EUR

• Passworded?
None, join at will!

• Range of map
Full World

• Maximum Bases & Foreign Bases
8 & 2 - Alliances encouraged for the big guys.

I will be removing defunct/inactive airlines. This will keep the world lean and ensure only active players are occupying routes & airports.

Feel free to use the forum to purchase/sell aircraft, advertise your alliance, and document your airline's progress. I will certainly begin by doing so with my own company. If you're more design minded, let's see those logos!

Creation is tomorrow 2020-5-22, with the world officially starting 2020-5-23. See you there!

Suggestions / New Aircraft - 2019
« on: June 07, 2019, 04:40:49 pm »
Hey all,

Will the aircraft list be updated to include new planes as they enter service?
I know some of these recent aircraft are still testing/being developed, but the A220 has been in service for a bit.

Perhaps I just don't see them since none of my worlds have gone to current day :D In which case, please ignore.

Comac C919
Comac ARJ21 Xiangfeng
Irkut MC-21
Mitsubishi Regional Jet
Airbus A220 / Bombardier CSeries

Airline Branding Center / r20m's Logos
« on: May 21, 2019, 11:58:04 pm »

Bugs / Cannot Redeem Tokens
« on: May 19, 2019, 10:37:08 pm »

I got 25eur of tokens, but I am unable to redeem them using PayPal's given transaction ID. Is the transaction reflected in your records?


Airline Reports / gundeRfmiP transMOGRIFY
« on: December 13, 2017, 03:36:11 am »
gundeRfmiP transMOGRIFY operates in two worlds right now:
Public World #3312 (St. Louis base);
PW#3178. A new hope (Cleveland base).

Below are gundRfmiP transMOGRIFY's posts from the world forums:

the gunderFmiP era (STL)
based out of the famous 'city 780 miles from pueblo'

a new airline arises


gunderFmiP transMOGRIFY

get out of st louis


bringing to you. beloved customers, planes fully equipped with real amenities for safe and comfortable travel:



landing gear

air, freshly pressurized for your comfort

sometimes there's even water onboard


come fly the better choice

the bigger blip

get hoisted by


the gunderFmiP era (STL)
gunderFmiP transmOGRIFY is now introducing a new pricing tier for your budgeting comfort.

the pricing tier of don'tPlunderTheGunder(tm) brings to you, the best costumers in the world, ways to keep pinching those pennies you can be spending on our new fees instead:

New gundeRSTAND(tm) will have you standing in our luxorious aircraft as you soar to your destination on a budget. only available on flights three hours or shorter.

gunderREST(tm) will have you lying prone on a metal wire rack placed in the back half of the aircraft. racks will be stacked 4 high. there will be no aisle, to save space and money for you, our beloved and valued costumers.

a new pricing tier

fmiP oUt

gunderFIRST(tm) boarding priority will determine when you're getting off in the case of an emergency

gunderfmip (CLE)
the FMIP spreads out

going to the famous 'city starting with the letter M' making it the a new FmiPbaseâ„¢ connecting the midwest with the mississipi river area somewhat north of the delta but south of St. Louis in other news gundeRfmiP transMOGRIFY is introducing a new budget pricing tier for people who really just need to get there:


comes with a seat on a plane. Boarding fee, takeoff fee, and landing fee not included.

specially designated fmiPBudgetâ„¢ seats come with innovative one-of-a-kind coin operated lighting, ventilation and reclining. $.56 per use per service. Nickels and pennies only.

Quality is never a wonder once you're flying on gundeR

catch you all on the fmiP side

Suggestions / More Airplane Pictures
« on: May 20, 2017, 04:27:18 pm »
Small thing:

Will it be too much to add more airplane pictures? I know server load might be a challenge with all the variants, but I feel like older aircraft and current regionals should have them.
I find that I often google them for pics, this would add a little bit of 'immersion' to the mostly-text game. As for royalty-free stuff I can help grab a few good pics for a/c from free databases.


Alliances / Small Airline Alliance starting in Public World #3258
« on: May 20, 2017, 06:42:57 am »
Alliance is called the Inter-Regional Partnership, restricted to members with up to 20 aircraft. 5 routes max from ally bases. Request now

Looking at the larger airlines, how long does it take getting to manage ~500 a/c across the world? Is it still even fun at that point? Not to sound abrasive, I'm genuinely curious.


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