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Title: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on December 04, 2016, 01:40:12 pm
AussieWings signing big deal with Airbus! (


After long negotiations with different manufacturers, AussieWings ( have signed a contract for seven A310s with an option for seven more to be delivered later this year. This is a part of the big expansion plan underway which will connect Australia and AussieWings ( to no more than six continents all over the globe with direct flights to Australia. We will double our number of overseas destinations up to 20! All our big Australian bases and Auckland will get new flights, together with some overseas destinations.

We will still keep the destinations a secret, but maybe you can take a guess at where we will fly soon?
Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on December 10, 2016, 09:26:30 pm
AussieWings expands onto six continents!

The new MD-11 VH-AEE "Sydney" before delivery to AussieWings in a promotional livery for McDonnel Douglas

After receiving our seven airbus A310 and executing our option of seven more, AussieWings have begun to connect Australia to the world. We now fly to all six continents. In addition to the routes flown by our new Airbus aircraft, the routes from Sydney to Frankfurt via New Delhi and to New york via Los Angeles are flown with MD-11s together with the route from Melbourne to Chicago via Los Angeles. As we introduce new routes, we make sure to keep them connected in focus cities away from Australia. As an example, all flights to North America land in Honolulu at around the same time, allowing for passengers to have seamless transfers. This is also the case in New Delhi and Los Angeles.
Stay tuned to receive the latest news about our route development and keep on guessing on those new destinations!

Our current long-haul route map looks like this, with many more routes to come - as we are still awaiting the delivery of five additional aircraft!
Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on December 29, 2016, 04:14:00 pm
AussieWings expands long-haul network and adds Concorde to the fleet

It has been a few years since we first ventured into the long-haul market. But it has been a few great years with great expansion. Not only did we use all our options with Airbus, but we ordered three more - we now have 17 A310-300, one of them on order.
With AussieWings  you can fly around the world. Not once, but twice, as we have connections around both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. You can also fly Sydney - Los Angeles - London - New Delhi - Sydney with three out of four legs in MD-11s. Or fly with all our long-haul aircraft by flying Perth - Johannesburg - São Paulo - Panama City - Los Angeles - Sydney. Or look at the map below and put together your own itinerary.
All of AussieWings' long haul services are interconnected. If you fly via e.g. Honolulu, you will notice all of our services from Australia arriving at the same time and continuing on again at the same time. This means you don't have to transfer inside Australia and wait for hours in an airport, but just change aircraft smoothly halfway to your destination.
Below is our new long haul map with the different aircraft having different colours: Red is MD-11, Orange is A310-300 and blue is for DC-8-72 or MD-87. Not shown are most routes to South-east Asia or local routes out of our hubs.


As a first on the Australian continent AussieWings can now offer you to fly supersonic. Our Concorde can fly you between Sydney and Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, and also Melbourne and Brisbane. This ensures plenty and fast connections to our big hubs, giving you more time to relax with our fine service.
Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on January 03, 2017, 01:35:51 pm
AussieWings unveils new livery and launch customer of the new MD-90 series!


For our ever young fleet we have now ordered ten MD-90 aircraft to substitute the oldest of our MD-80s. We will continue the replacement in the next year or so in order to keep our fleet as young as ever. We will also be saying goodbye to our old and faithful Fokker F28 which will be replaced by its younger brother, the Fokker 70. The Fokker F28 family has served AussieWings for 20 years already, so we are happy to provide our passengers with the newest generation of aircraft yet again.
In other fleet news we will be retiring our DC-10s for good after serving us for 20 years with different models. We will also say goodbye to the DC-8 family after having them in our fleet for 19 years. With these retirements we will finally only have widebody jets on all our long haul routes - the A310 and MD-11.

To celebrate all these events, AussieWings has unveiled a new livery and logo to be worn by all aircraft. It has a flying kangaroo to symbolize the connection from Australia to the world and the ease of flying from Australia to the world. Pictured below is VH-AEE "Sydney", usually flying the route from Sydney to New York via Los Angeles.

Lastly, we have compiled for you a diagrammatic overwiev of our fleet since our inception in 1970. The models are sorted according to retirement year. Purple is for small jets, orange is for big jets, blue is for long range jets and yellow is for propeller aircraft.

AussieWings, keeping you close to Australia!
Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on February 28, 2017, 12:21:31 pm
AussieWings ( signs huge deal with Boeing!

A historical order to replace almost all of AussieWing's aircraft has been signed with Boeing today. During the next two years we will receive 79 new aircraft, from the 737 to the 747. The order, valued at 11.5 billion euros is the largest one-time order AussieWings has ever made. But there is more: options are for at least 80 more aircraft, including the new 717 due to be certified next year.


With this new direction, we will be changing to a pure Boeing fleet for most of our needs. Even though some of our narrowbody aircraft are still young, we will proceed to replace them within the next few years. The attentive reader might note that we are buying more aircraft than we are replacing. That is correct, and can only mean one thing: New routes! Where to? Until now we have flown our A310s to Johannesburg and South America. They are only certified for 180 minutes ETOPS which makes them have to take a more northern - and longer - route to South America. We will now introduce the 747-400 directly from Sydney to São Paulo without the layovers in Auckland and Santiago, Chile. The same is the case for our route to Johannesburg, we will open a new route from Sydney to Johannesburg using our new 747-400.

We welcome you aboard our new fleet and invite you to discover our network today - and with more routes to come!
AussieWings, your way to Australia and the world
Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on March 01, 2017, 06:43:26 pm
Route status report of October 1998:

Until now we haven't had a real route map for south-east Asia. The route map seen above with all the long haul flights doesn't include most Asian flights as there are too many to show comfortably. Therefore we have compiled a new kind of map for you - the DotMap! The map shows which airports are connected by which destinations: Red for Sydney, yellow for Melbourne, blue for Brisbane, orange for Perth and black for Auckland. Only destination connected by all five big hubs is Tokyo Haneda airport.
Also shown are flights inside south-east Asia. Take a look at the map and dream yourself away to a whole new world with AussieWings!

Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on March 03, 2017, 07:09:20 pm
Welcome to Australia, Boeing!

AussieWings welcomes our new aircraft to Australia from Boeing in Seattle. We have already received many aircraft and put them into service all around Australia, China and Japan, as you can see on the map below:

We currently fly the Boeings 737-700/800 and 767-300 with many more on order. Stay tuned to receive our latest news!
Title: Re: [PW 3154] AussieWings
Post by: 1993matias on May 31, 2017, 10:04:02 pm
World's longest flight with AussieWings (

The trip from Europe to Australia used to take days. It was possible to do the trip with a stop or two. But today, 1st of May 2006, AussieWings inagurates the world's longest flight: Brisbane to London. This is Ultra Long Haul.
In the air for more than 21 hours, passengers are treated with three hot meals, help with excercise and a whole new Video on Demand entertainment system with more than 100 hours of movies.

This new route is flown by our brand new Boeing 777-200LR aircraft, capable of flying Australia to Europe non-stop. With the new routes from Australia to London, Frankfurt, Dallas and New York, we now offer more than 30 flights a week to Europe (including non-stop to Frankfurt and London) and more than 35 flights per week to North America (or more than 60 when including the stop-over in Los Angeles or Honolulu).With the direct flights, you now only have to change aircraft if you are transferring. We look forward welcoming you on boeard our newest aircraft and our (and the world's) longest routes

You can take a look at our new non-stop flights (and their onward legs to Washington and Chicago) on the map below: