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Title: [PW 2169] Atlanta Lightning
Post by: 1993matias on January 31, 2013, 07:38:21 pm
Atlanta Lightning has been operating out of Atlanta for more than 30 years. We have had our ups and downs, with aircraft as small as the Dash 8-100 and as big as the Jumbojet 747-100. Currently, Atlanta Lightning is the prime operator in the South-eastern USA, serving intercontinental routes from Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando. In order to serve our homeland, Georgia, we have base in Savannah with daily flights to major Eastern US airports and local flights to Georgia.

Our main focus is to serve the Southern USA on routes to Europe and South America. We are serving 24 countries in Europe:



South of Europe is Africa, which is getting more important each year as the countries develop. And off the coast of the Atlantic there are a lot of vacation islands ready to receive you:

But if you would rather have vacations in the Caribbean, fear not! We fly to 26 countries and territories in Central America, including all major resort islands. All are served from Atlanta and many from Orlando, while only the bigger ones are served from Charlotte.

As we go further south, we find South America with its immense rain forests and tall mountains. As always, there are beaches and resorts, but more than any other place, South America can satisfy your wilderness explorer instinct with its many remote areas.

If you like long flights, you can travel in our specially designed cabins for the 767 to the Far and Middle East. On these long flights you get two hot meals and two inter-meal snacks included in the ticket price. Some destinations are only served from Hawaii, but we have several daily flights from the US to Hawaii to connect these flights. Other than Guangzhou, Manila, and Hong Kong, Sydney is only served from Hawaii.


As you can see, Atlanta Lightning is a truly global airline, serving more than 450 destinations in 77 countries with more than 750 routes to all six continents (not including Antarctica). We hope that our next 19 years will go by as smooth as the last 31 years.

Atlanta Lightning - Lightning fast! (
Title: Re: [PW 2169] Atlanta Lightning
Post by: 1993matias on February 02, 2013, 09:28:28 am
We have now unveiled our new livery to be painted first on the new 747-400 on order. It is a development from our former livery, which can here be seen on a Tristar (five of which are temporarily in service):

The new livery has added a tail emblem but not much else has changed. We hope to have this livery with us many years in the future, just as the old livery has served us since 1977.
Title: Re: [PW 2169] Atlanta Lightning
Post by: 1993matias on February 02, 2013, 10:14:55 pm
And now also on a 737-400 :D