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Title: [W 2426] Trans African Airways
Post by: 1993matias on September 04, 2012, 08:44:53 pm
We are proud to present what will become the biggest airline in Africa, Trans African Airways!

Opening operations at Johannesburg Airport (O.R. Tambo), we are the biggest airline operating there with 304 daily passengers. But we won't stop there. We will expad as soon as we get our next airplane; we have now purchased a DHC-6 to complement our three DHC3 Otter. This will increase our capacity out from Johannesburg, earning us even more money!

We will also soon expand into new markets. We are looking at Cape Town or Durban.

Our long term plans include covering all of Africa, every single airport, leaving no community unserved.
Follow us here for more updates, as we continue our trip towards Africa's Favourite Airline!


Operated aircraft:
Let L-410A ------- 1970-1971
DHC3 Otter ------- 1970-1971
DHC-6-300 ------- 1970-
Douglas DC-9-11 - 1971-
Douglas DC-9-20 - 1971-
Fokker F27-500 -- 1970-
Fokker F27-200 -- 1970-
Fokker F27-400 -- 1970-
Fokker F28-1000 -1971-
HS121 1C -------- 1972-
HFB-320 HansaJet  1971-

Trans African Airways (
Title: Re: Trans African Airways
Post by: 1993matias on September 07, 2012, 01:43:01 pm
In order to comply with the increased demand, we have received a new Fokker F27-500. We are now transporting 1243 passengers every day, an increase of 50%! We will order another Fokker F27-500 later this month to increase our presence even more in Africa.

Before 1971 we will also have expanded into a new airport, ensuring full usage of our gates.

Trans African Airways, Africa's Favourite Airline!
Title: Re: Trans African Airways
Post by: 1993matias on September 15, 2012, 01:39:57 am
A lot has happened since last update. We are now flying over 100 routes to more than 89 airports in whole southern Africa. We have been expanding into Congo, taking advantage of the range of the Vickers Viscount. We will continue our expansion, slowly working northwards into Sahara and reaching the Mediterranean.

The dawn of jets has also begun, we are the first airline operating jets in Africa. The Fokker F28 is flying out of Johannesburg on our most important domestic routes, enabling faster connections and shorter times for our passengers. To further increase capacity we have also ordered a DC-9-11, the current biggest plane in Africa. With this plane we will be able to service South Africa the best way possible.

Already flying into almos every airport in Southernmost Africa, we are also looking into some more long range planes and fast low-capacity planes for sub-Saharan hubs.

We will continue our expansion as Africa's Favourite Airline - Trans African Airways!
Title: Re: [W 2426] Trans African Airways
Post by: 1993matias on September 23, 2012, 10:24:00 am
December 2nd, 1971

Welcome to Trans African Airways, Africa's favourite airline!
After almost two years, we are still the only airline operating jets. This means increased comfort and shorter travel times - for example, Johannesburg-Nairobi takes more than 7 hours, but with TAA it only takes 4!

We are in the process of retiring our turboprop fleet, and already have some DHC3 on sale. We are also replacing Fokker 27s with Fokker 28s, and soon you will see Fokker 27s on the market. Our biggest jet will soon be the HS 121 1C with more than 100 passengers, able to fly directly Nairobi-Cairo, reducing the total travel time between Johannesburg and Cairo to 9½ hours with a change in Nairobi.

Our base in Addis Ababa is short-lived, we will soon be moving it to Western Africa to ensure maximum coverage for our passengers. Further details are not disclosed yet.

Fly with Trans African Airways - Africa's Favourite Airline!