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Title: Atlantic Airways- Press Releases [1152]
Post by: Atlantic Airways on October 31, 2010, 01:32:38 am
Operations Update

     All of our flights are currently operating our of Stuttgart, Germany. Our flights now total 24, chiefly among them are Turkey, Russia, UK, France, and England. We have plans to expand our flight options throughout Europe to enable us to succeed in our multifaceted approach to airline operations. At this juncture, we have no intention of any base expansion as we feel we need to meet the needs of our customers across the continent prior to further ventures.
Our primary route focus at this point is to bring further coverage to eastern Europe,the north, and south east.

Fiscal Summary:
The financial status of the airline is as expected, with adequate growth. Year end reports will be issued on January 1st of each year. At this point in time, we are looking to lease as many of our aircraft as possible to avoid using up useful years in any aircraft for future resale value. Headquarters will be based in Stuttgart as well, this will include all facets of the airline.

Our aircraft consist of:
[2] KFC CV5800
[1] Boeing 707-120
[1] Airbus A320-200 (lease)
[1] BAe-146-200 (on order)
Ideally are looking to acquire aircraft of at least 100 passengers in order to serve as many people as possible per route.

Title: Re: Atlantic Airways- Press Releases [1152]
Post by: Atlantic Airways on December 05, 2010, 07:21:08 pm
The airline continues to operate, and function to it's fullest potential. With a burgeoning system in Europe that has expanded to cater to Russia's Domodedovo Intl airport. With the current operation of 15 A319, and our continuous acquisition of A320 and A321 aircraft, our fleet grows steadily.

Plans to expand into the US market are being discussed feverishly, as the airline sees much opportunity to expand and encroach upon a market that can stand to benefit from our service. The final decision regarding which airport will serve as our hub will be publicized in the near future, however it will likely initially cater to the eastern market. The fleet serving in the US will consist mainly of A320, and A321 aircraft as opposed to the A319 in Europe because of the larger passenger flow. Main routes will be serviced by larger aircraft yet so as to maximize revenues.

Our signature aircraft, the A319, will be used when appropriate in the US for smaller routes. It has provided the airline with the ability to rapidly expand in the European market, serving thousands of our customers from Stuttgart and Domodedovo. With flourishing revenues, the airline is able to shift to purchasing A321 aircraft, and eventually plans to phase out our European A319's with this aircraft, after our US hub has been satisfied.